Is Keke Palmer Related to Steve Harvey? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Keke Palmer is a popular American actress, singer and television personality who has starred in several films and shows, such as Akeelah and the Bee, True Jackson, VP, Hustlers and Scream Queens. She is also known for her musical career, releasing albums and EPs such as So Uncool, Lauren and Virgo Tendencies.

Steve Harvey is a famous American comedian, actor, author and host who has appeared in various shows and movies, such as The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud, Think Like a Man and The Original Kings of Comedy. He is also known for his bestselling books, such as Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance.

No, Keke Palmer is not related to Steve Harvey by blood. They do not share any common ancestors or family members. Keke Palmer was born in Harvey, Illinois to Sharon and Lawrence Palmer, who were both professional actors before settling into full-time jobs. Her father works for a polyurethane company, and her mother is a high school teacher who works with autistic children.

Steve Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia to Jesse and Eloise Harvey, who were both coal miners. He has four siblings: Terry, Mona, Pauline and Larry. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he attended Glenville High School.

No, Keke Palmer is not related to Steve Harvey by marriage either. They do not have any spouses or partners who are connected to each other. Keke Palmer is currently dating Darius Jackson, a former NFL player who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns. She has previously dated Quincy Brown, Meek Mill and Rodney King1.

Steve Harvey is currently married to Marjorie Bridges-Woods, his third wife whom he wed in 2007. He has seven children from his previous marriages: Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., Wynton, Morgan, Jason and Lori.

Are They Dating?

No, Keke Palmer is not dating Steve Harvey. There is no romantic relationship between them. The rumors of their affair started when Palmer appeared on Steve Harvey’s talk show in 2019, where he tried to give her dating advice and set her up with a billionaire. The segment was meant to be humorous and playful, but some viewers misinterpreted it as a sign of attraction or flirtation.

Palmer later clarified on her Instagram that she and Harvey are just friends and that she respects him as an uncle figure. She also joked that she would never date him because he has too many kids. Harvey also denied the rumors and said that he loves Palmer like a daughter and that he was only trying to help her find love.


Keke Palmer and Steve Harvey are not related in any way. They are not blood relatives, they are not married to each other or anyone in their families, and they are not dating each other. They are simply friends and colleagues who have worked together on some occasions. They have both expressed admiration and respect for each other’s talents and achievements.

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