Is Keanu Reeves Related to Christopher Reeve? The Truth Behind the Superhero Surname

Keanu Reeves and Christopher Reeve are two of the most popular actors in Hollywood history. They have both played iconic superhero roles: Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix franchise, and Christopher Reeve as Superman in the Superman movies. But are they related by blood or just by name? Here’s the truth behind the superhero surname.

The Origin of the Reeves Name

The name Reeves is derived from the Old English word “gerefa”, which means “steward” or “official”. It was originally a title given to someone who was in charge of a local district or manor. The name was also used as a nickname for someone who acted like a reeve or had some connection to one.

The name Reeve is a variant spelling of Reeves, and both are common surnames in England and other English-speaking countries. According to, there are over 200,000 people with the surname Reeves in the United States, and over 50,000 people with the surname Reeve.

The Family Background of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves was born on September 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon. His parents are Patricia Taylor and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. Patricia is an English costume designer and performer who met Samuel while working in Beirut. Samuel is an American geologist from Hawaii who claims descent from Native Hawaiian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Irish ancestors.

Keanu’s parents divorced when he was three years old, and his father left the family. Keanu moved with his mother to Sydney, Australia, and then to Toronto, Canada, where he grew up. He has a sister named Kim and two half-sisters named Emma and Karina from his mother’s remarriages.

Keanu holds Canadian citizenship but also has a green card because of his American stepfather Paul Aaron, a Hollywood director whom his mother married in 1970. Keanu dropped out of high school at age 17 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

The Family Background of Christopher Reeve

Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born on September 25, 1952, in New York City. His parents are Barbara Pitney Lamb and Franklin D’Olier Reeve. Barbara is a journalist who descended from prominent New England families. Franklin is a writer, scholar, and professor who traced his ancestry to William Bradford, a leader of the Plymouth Colony.

Christopher’s parents divorced when he was four years old, and he lived with his mother in Princeton, New Jersey. He has a brother named Benjamin and two half-siblings named Kevin and Alexandra from his father’s second marriage.

Christopher attended Cornell University and Juilliard School before becoming a successful stage and screen actor. He married Dana Morosini in 1992 and had a son named William. He also had two children named Matthew and Alexandra from his previous relationship with Gae Exton.

The Connection Between Keanu Reeves and Christopher Reeve

Despite their similar last names and superhero roles, Keanu Reeves and Christopher Reeve are not related by blood or by marriage. They have never met each other or worked together on any project. The only connection between them is that they both have played characters who can fly, fight, and save the world.

However, they do share some common traits and experiences. They are both known for being kind, generous, humble, and respectful to their fans and colleagues. They have both faced tragedies and hardships in their personal lives, such as losing loved ones or suffering injuries. They have both used their fame and fortune to support various causes and charities, such as cancer research or spinal cord injury research.

They have also inspired millions of people with their performances and personalities. They have shown that heroes are not only found on the screen but also in real life.


Keanu Reeves is not related to Christopher Reeve. However, they both have played iconic superhero roles that have made them famous and beloved by many fans. They also have similar last names that come from the same Old English origin. They have different family backgrounds that reflect their diverse ethnicities and cultures. They have no direct connection to each other except for their shared passion for acting and their admirable qualities as human beings.

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