Is Katy Mixon Related to Paula Deen? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Katy Mixon is a popular American actress who has starred in several comedy shows and movies. She is best known for her roles as Victoria Flynn in Mike & Molly, April Buchanon in Eastbound & Down, and Katie Otto in American Housewife. But is she related to another famous personality, Paula Deen, the celebrity chef and cookbook author? The answer is no, but there is a connection between them.

Katy Mixon’s Ex-Boyfriend Bobby Deen

The reason why some people might think that Katy Mixon and Paula Deen are related is because Katy Mixon used to date Bobby Deen, the son of Paula Deen. Bobby Deen is also a chef and a TV personality who has hosted several cooking shows on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. He is currently married to Claudia Lovera, a triathlete and wellness expert.

Katy Mixon and Bobby Deen started dating in 2009, when Katy was busy with her HBO comedy series Eastbound & Down. They seemed to be going well together, but in 2012, Katy had to move to Los Angeles because of her TV series schedules. According to People, they decided to end their relationship rather than risk a long-distance romance. Their breakup was not made public until 2013, when Bobby revealed it in an interview. He also said that the breakup was very sad and hurtful.

Katy Mixon’s Current Family Life

Katy Mixon has since moved on from her past relationship with Bobby Deen. She is now happily married to Breaux Greer, a former Olympic javelin thrower and American record holder. They tied the knot in 2016 and have two children together: a son named Kingston Saint Greer, born in 2017, and a daughter named Elektra Saint Greer, born in 2018.

Katy Mixon has been very private about her personal life and rarely shares photos of her family on social media. However, she occasionally gushes about her husband and kids in interviews. She told People that Breaux Greer is “the most incredible man on the planet” and that he supports her career and dreams. She also said that being a mother is “the greatest gift” and that she loves her children more than anything.

Paula Deen’s Support for Katy Mixon

Even though Katy Mixon and Bobby Deen are no longer together, it seems that there is no bad blood between them or their families. In fact, Paula Deen has been very supportive of Katy Mixon’s career and praised her performance in American Housewife. She tweeted in 2016: “I’m so proud of my sweet Katy! She’s starring in @AmericanWifeABC premiering tonight at 8:30/7:30c on ABC! Y’all tune in!!”

Paula Deen also appeared as a guest star on American Housewife in 2017, playing herself as an old friend of Katy’s character Katie Otto. The episode was titled “The Club” and featured Paula Deen giving Katie some advice on how to deal with the snooty women at her country club. The two actresses had a lot of fun working together and showed their chemistry on screen.


To sum up, Katy Mixon and Paula Deen are not related by blood or marriage, but they do have a friendly relationship through Bobby Deen, Katy’s ex-boyfriend and Paula’s son. They have both expressed their admiration and respect for each other’s work and personalities. They are both successful women who have made their mark in the entertainment industry with their humor and charm.

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