Is Kara Killmer Related to Val Kilmer? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Kara Killmer and Val Kilmer are both well-known actors in Hollywood, but are they related by blood or marriage? This is a question that many fans have wondered about, especially since they share the same last name and have appeared in similar genres of films and TV shows. In this article, we will explore the truth behind the rumor and reveal everything you need to know about Kara Killmer and Val Kilmer.

Who is Kara Killmer?

Kara Killmer is an American actress who was born on June 14, 1988, in Crowley, Texas. She graduated from Baylor University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performing arts. She started her career in 2010 by starring in the short-lived Hulu reality web series If I Can Dream, which followed five aspiring actors and actresses who lived together in a Los Angeles home. 

She gained more recognition in 2014 when she joined the cast of the NBC drama Chicago Fire as Sylvie Brett, a paramedic who replaced Leslie Shay (Lauren German) in the third season. She also reprised her role in the spin-off series Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., which are part of the One Chicago franchise. 

She made her feature film debut in 2015 with Beyond the Mask, a Revolutionary War action-adventure thriller that also starred her future husband Andrew Cheney and John Rhys-Davies. She married Cheney in 2016 after meeting him on the set of the film. 

Who is Val Kilmer?

Val Kilmer is an American actor and filmmaker who was born on December 31, 1959, in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Juilliard School’s Drama Division and became the youngest person at the time to be accepted into the program. He started his career in 1981 by appearing in stage productions and television movies. 

He rose to fame in the mid-1980s after starring in comedy films such as Top Secret! (1984) and Real Genius (1985), as well as the military action film Top Gun (1986) and the fantasy film Willow (1988). He earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors (1991) and went on to star in other successful films such as Tombstone (1993), True Romance (1993), Heat (1995), The Ghost and the Darkness (1996), The Saint (1997), The Prince of Egypt (1998), Alexander (2004), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), and The Snowman (2017). He also played Batman in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995). 

He was married to actress Joanne Whalley from 1988 to 1996, with whom he had two children: Jack Kilmer and Mercedes Kilmer, who are also actors. He has also dated celebrities such as Cher, Cindy Crawford, Daryl Hannah, and Angelina Jolie. He has been battling throat cancer since 2015, which has affected his voice and required him to undergo chemotherapy and two tracheotomies. He published his memoir I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir in 2020 and starred in a documentary about his life and career titled Val in 2021.   

Are Kara Killmer and Val Kilmer related?

According to various sources, Kara Killmer and Val Kilmer are not related. They do not share any family ties or connections, nor have they ever worked together on any project. They just happen to have the same surname, which is not uncommon in Hollywood or elsewhere.  

Therefore, the rumor that they are related is false and has no basis in reality. They are both talented actors who have their own careers and personal lives, but they are not related by blood or marriage.

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