Is Kang Related to Reed Richards? The Truth Behind the Time-Traveling Villain

Kang the Conqueror is one of the most powerful and complex villains in the Marvel Universe. He is a master of time travel, who has conquered many worlds and timelines with his advanced technology and army of loyal followers. But who is he really, and what is his connection to the Fantastic Four’s leader, Reed Richards?

The Origin of Kang

Kang’s real name is Nathaniel Richards, and he was born in the 31st century of Earth-6311, an alternate reality where science and technology flourished during the Dark Ages. He was a brilliant scholar and historian, who became fascinated by the legends of his ancestor, Nathaniel Richards, the father of Reed Richards.

Nathaniel Richards was a scientist and adventurer from Earth-616, the main Marvel reality, who disappeared when Reed was a child. He traveled to Earth-6311, where he became a hero and a leader, and started a family that would eventually produce Kang.

Kang discovered a time machine that belonged to his ancestor, and decided to use it to explore the past. He first traveled to ancient Egypt, where he became a pharaoh known as Rama-Tut. He encountered the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, who also traveled back in time. He later returned to his own era, but found it boring and peaceful.

He then traveled to the future, where he discovered a war-torn world ruled by Doctor Doom. He stole some of Doom’s weapons and armor, and became Kang the Conqueror. He began to conquer other timelines and realities, clashing with many heroes, especially the Avengers.

The Connection Between Kang and Reed Richards

Kang is related to Reed Richards, but not directly. He is a descendant of Reed’s half-brother, Arthur, who was born from Nathaniel Richards’ second marriage in Earth-6311. Arthur was also a scientist and inventor, who created a device that could manipulate time. He used it to try to stop Kang’s conquests, but failed.

Arthur had a son named Nathaniel, who inherited his father’s genius and curiosity. He was the one who became Kang the Conqueror. So, Kang is Reed’s nephew several times removed.

However, Kang’s relationship with Reed is not simple or friendly. Kang sees Reed as a rival and an obstacle to his plans. He has tried to kill him many times, or manipulate him for his own purposes. He has also claimed to be Reed’s father on occasion, but this was a lie.

Reed, on the other hand, sees Kang as a threat and a menace. He has tried to stop him from destroying or altering history, or harming innocent people. He has also tried to reason with him, or appeal to his better nature. He sees Kang as a tragic figure, who wasted his potential and became corrupted by power.

The Future of Kang

Kang is not a simple villain with a single goal or motivation. He is a complex character with many facets and contradictions. He is ruthless and ambitious, but also honorable and noble. He is arrogant and proud, but also lonely and insecure. He is loyal to his friends and allies, but also paranoid and distrustful. He is fascinated by history, but also willing to change it.

Kang’s actions have had many consequences for himself and others. He has created many enemies and rivals, such as Immortus (his future self), Iron Lad (his younger self), Ravonna (his love interest), Terminatrix (his protege), Ramades (his son), Marcus (his grandson), etc.

He has also created many paradoxes and anomalies in the timeline, such as Chronopolis (his city outside of time), Limbo (a dimension where time does not exist), the Council of Kangs (a group of his alternate versions), etc.

Kang’s fate is uncertain and unpredictable. He may continue to conquer and destroy, or he may redeem himself and change. He may die or disappear, or he may live forever. He may be the greatest enemy or the greatest ally of the Marvel heroes.

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