Is Justin Bibb Related to Leon Bibb? The Truth About the Cleveland Mayor and the Journalist

Justin Bibb is the 54th mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, who was elected in November 2021. He is a young and dynamic leader who has a vision for improving the city’s safety, economy, and quality of life. But many people are curious about his family background and whether he is related to Leon Bibb, a veteran journalist and commentator for WKYC. Here is what we know about the connection between the two Bibbs.

The Family Connection

According to WKYC, Justin Bibb and Leon Bibb are first cousins once removed. This means that Leon’s father, Morris Bibb, and Justin’s grandfather, Donald Bibb, were brothers. The two families share a common ancestry from Butler, Alabama, where they faced racial discrimination and oppression.

Leon Bibb was born in 1944 and became one of the first African American news anchors in Ohio. He has worked for various media outlets, including ABC News, NBC News, and WEWS-TV. He joined WKYC in 1995 and has been a senior commentator and special contributor since 2015. He is also an author, a singer, and a recipient of numerous awards and honors.

Justin Bibb was born in 1987 and grew up in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University and earned a master’s degree from Harvard University. He worked as a special assistant for Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald and as a consultant for Gallup and McKinsey & Company. He also co-founded Teach For America Greater Cleveland and Hack Cleveland, two nonprofit organizations that aim to empower young leaders and address social issues.

The Mutual Respect

Justin Bibb and Leon Bibb have expressed their admiration and respect for each other on several occasions. In February 2022, Leon interviewed Justin for WKYC and discussed their family history, their personal stories, and their hopes for Cleveland. Leon praised Justin for his courage, intelligence, and passion for public service. Justin thanked Leon for his mentorship, inspiration, and legacy.

In March 2022, Leon received a special honor when a street in Cleveland was renamed after him. The street, formerly known as Parkgate Avenue, is now called Leon Bibb Way. It is located near East 105th Street, where Leon grew up and attended school. Justin Bibb attended the dedication ceremony and spoke highly of his cousin. “My cousin, Leon, is certainly a titan in the Bibb family and a titan in Cleveland,” Mayor Justin Bibb said.

The Conclusion

Justin Bibb and Leon Bibb are cousins who share more than just a surname. They share a bond of family, history, and service. They are both proud Clevelanders who have made significant contributions to their community and their profession. They are both role models for the next generation of leaders who aspire to make a positive difference in the world..

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