Is Josh Frost Related to the Late Lane Frost? The Truth About the Bull Riding Cousins

Bull riding is a sport that requires courage, skill, and determination. It is also a sport that has a rich history and tradition, with many legends and heroes. One of the most famous and beloved bull riders of all time was Lane Frost, who died tragically in 1989 after being gored by a bull at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. Lane Frost was a world champion, a hall of famer, and an inspiration to many aspiring cowboys.

But what about Josh Frost, another professional bull rider who shares the same last name and also competes in the PRCA? Is he related to Lane Frost, or is it just a coincidence? In this article, we will explore the connection between Josh Frost and Lane Frost, and how they both followed their passion for bull riding.

The Frost Family Legacy

Josh Frost is indeed related to Lane Frost, but not very closely. They are second cousins, meaning that their grandfathers were brothers. Josh’s grandfather, Joe Frost, and Lane’s grandfather, Clyde Frost, were both saddle bronc riders who competed in the PRCA. Joe Frost also competed in bull riding and bareback riding, and was one of the contestants at the first National Finals Rodeo in 1959.

Josh’s father, Shane Frost, was also a bull rider who rodeoed with Lane’s father, Clyde Frost Jr., in the 1970s and 1980s. Shane and Clyde Jr. were cousins and friends, and they often traveled together to different rodeos. Shane was also present at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo in 1989 when Lane was fatally injured by the bull Takin’ Care of Business.

Josh has an older brother, Joe Frost, who is also a professional bull rider and a four-time NFR qualifier. Joe and Josh grew up on a ranch in Randlett, Utah, where they learned to ride bulls from their father and watched videos of Lane Frost and other bull riding stars. They also had a chance to meet Lane when they were young, and they looked up to him as a role model.

The Challenge of the Champions

One of the most remarkable achievements of Lane Frost’s career was his showdown with Red Rock, a notorious bucking bull who had never been ridden in 309 attempts. In 1988, Lane and Red Rock faced each other in seven exhibition matches across different rodeos in the West. The event was called the Challenge of the Champions, and it was a test of skill and courage between the two champions.

Lane managed to ride Red Rock four times out of seven, becoming the first and only cowboy to do so. He scored 90 points or more on three of those rides, setting a new standard for bull riding excellence. Lane earned respect and admiration from fans and fellow cowboys for his performance against Red Rock.

Josh Frost also had his own encounter with Red Rock, but not in the same way as Lane. In 2019, Josh competed at the Red Bluff Round-Up rodeo in California, where he drew a bull named Red Rock Too. This bull was not related to the original Red Rock, but he was named after him by his owner John Growney, who also owned the legendary bull.

Josh rode Red Rock Too for 88 points and won the rodeo. He also paid tribute to Lane by wearing a replica of his famous shirt with red roses on it. Josh said that he felt honored to ride a bull named after Red Rock, and that he wanted to honor Lane’s legacy as well.

The Future of Bull Riding

Josh Frost is currently one of the top bull riders in the PRCA circuit. He has qualified for his first NFR in 2019, where he finished 10th in the world standings. He has also won several rodeos and earned over $200,000 in his career so far. He is known for his consistency, his style, and his toughness.

Josh said that he loves bull riding because it challenges him physically and mentally every time he gets on a bull. He also said that he enjoys traveling with his brother Joe and his friends on the road. He said that he wants to keep improving his skills and achieve his goals as a bull rider.

Josh is not only related to Lane by blood, but also by spirit. He shares Lane’s passion for bull riding, his respect for the sport, and his humble attitude. He is also carrying on the Frost family legacy that started with his grandfather Joe and continued with his father Shane.

Josh Frost is not trying to be like Lane Frost, but he is inspired by him. He is proud to be part of the same family as Lane, but he is also making his own name in the sport. He is Josh Frost, a professional bull rider who loves what he does.

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