Is Jordan Rooney Related to Art Rooney? The Truth About the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Dynasty

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful and popular franchises in the National Football League (NFL). They have won six Super Bowls, more than any other team, and have a loyal fan base that spans across the country and beyond. The Steelers are also known for their stability and consistency, having only three head coaches since 1969 and being owned by the same family for almost 90 years. But who are the Rooneys, the family behind the Steelers’ dynasty? And is Jordan Rooney, a social media marketing expert and entrepreneur, related to Art Rooney, the founder and original owner of the team?

The Rooney Family History

The Rooneys are an Irish-American family that traces its roots back to Newry, County Down, Ireland. According to Wikipedia, Art Rooney’s great-grandparents, James and Mary Rooney, emigrated from Ireland to Canada during the Great Famine in the 1840s. They had a son, Arthur, who later moved to Wales and married Catherine Regan. They had a son, Dan, who was born in Wales but moved back to Canada and then to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1884. Dan Rooney married Margaret Murray, a daughter of a coal miner, and they had 10 children, including Arthur Joseph Rooney, who was born in 1901.

Art Rooney grew up in Pittsburgh’s North Side and became a sportsman, playing baseball, football, and boxing. He won the AAU welterweight belt in 1918 and tried out for the 1920 Olympic Team. He also played minor league baseball for several teams. In 1933, he purchased the Pittsburgh franchise of the NFL for $2,500. The team was originally called the Pirates, but changed its name to the Steelers in 1940. Art Rooney was the owner and president of the team until his death in 1988.

Art Rooney had five sons: Art Jr., Dan, Tim, John, and Pat (the last two were twins). All of them were involved in the Steelers’ organization in some capacity. Dan Rooney became the chairman and owner of the team after his father’s death. He was also a diplomat and served as the United States Ambassador to Ireland from 2009 to 2012. He died in 2017 and passed on the ownership to his son, Art Rooney II, who is the current president of the team.

Jordan Rooney’s Connection

Jordan Rooney is a Pittsburgh-based social media marketing expert, entrepreneur, and personal branding coach. He is the founder and CEO of Built Different Creative, a branding agency that works with various clients, including some Pittsburgh-based brands. He is also the founder and CEO of Slash Athletes, a sports branding course for athletes. He was formerly a school speaker and a professional football player in Serbia, Poland, and Brazil.

Jordan Rooney is not directly related to Art Rooney or his descendants. However, he does have some distant connection to the Rooney family through his maternal grandmother. According to his website, his grandmother’s maiden name was O’Mara and her ancestors were from Newry, County Down, Ireland. This is the same place where Art Rooney’s great-grandparents came from. Therefore, Jordan Rooney and Art Rooney share some common Irish ancestry.


The Rooneys are a prominent family in American sports history. They have owned and operated the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1933 and have built a legacy of success and excellence. Jordan Rooney is a young entrepreneur who is making his mark in the social media marketing field. He is not closely related to Art Rooney or his sons, but he does have some distant Irish connection to them through his grandmother’s lineage. Both Jordan Rooney and Art Rooney are examples of hard work, passion, and innovation in their respective fields.

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