Is Jennifer Lynch Related to Ross Lynch? The Truth Behind the Surname

Many people have wondered if Jennifer Lynch, the daughter of acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch, is related to Ross Lynch, the popular actor and singer. The two share a common surname and a passion for the arts, but are they actually family? The answer is no. Jennifer Lynch and Ross Lynch are not related by blood or marriage, despite some rumors and speculations. Here are some facts to clear up the confusion.

Jennifer Lynch’s Background

Jennifer Lynch was born on April 7, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Jennifer Chambers Lynch. She is the daughter of David Lynch, who is known for his surreal and influential films such as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and the TV series Twin Peaks. Her mother is Peggy Reavey, a painter who divorced David Lynch when Jennifer was six years old. Jennifer has one half-brother, Austin Jack Lynch, from her father’s second marriage to Mary Fisk

Jennifer Lynch followed her father’s footsteps and became a filmmaker herself. She made her directorial debut with the controversial film Boxing Helena in 1993, which earned her a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director. She took a 15-year hiatus from filmmaking after that, and returned with the thriller Surveillance in 2008. She also directed the films Hisss and Chained, and several episodes of TV shows such as Psych, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Ratched

Jennifer Lynch is also an author. She wrote the book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer in 1990, based on the character from Twin Peaks. The book was a commercial success and reached number four on The New York Times paperback fiction best seller list that year

Ross Lynch’s Background

Ross Lynch was born on December 29, 1995, in Littleton, Colorado, as Ross Shor Lynch. He has four siblings: Riker, Rydel, Rocky, and Ryland. They are all involved in music and acting. Ross is a second cousin of dancers and actors Derek Hough and Julianne Hough, whose maternal grandmothers are sisters

Ross Lynch started his career as a singer and musician. He was the lead vocalist of the pop rock band R5, which he formed with his siblings and their friend Ellington Ratliff in 2009. The band released four albums and toured worldwide before disbanding in 2018. Ross then formed another band with his brother Rocky called The Driver Era, which is still active today

Ross Lynch also became a successful actor after landing the role of Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s comedy series Austin & Ally in 2011. He won several awards for his performance and gained a huge fan base. He also starred in the Disney Channel original movies Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 as Brady. He branched out to more mature roles with the biopic My Friend Dahmer in 2017, where he played a teenage Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in 2018-2020, where he played Harvey Kinkle


Jennifer Lynch and Ross Lynch are both talented artists who have made their mark in the entertainment industry. However, they are not related to each other in any way. They just happen to share a common surname that is fairly common in the United States. According to, there are more than 500,000 people with the last name Lynch in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are some coincidences among them.

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