Is Jayden Hardaway Related to Penny? The Story of a Father-Son Duo in Basketball

Jayden Hardaway is a name that might sound familiar to basketball fans, especially those who follow the Memphis Tigers. He is the son of Penny Hardaway, a former NBA star and the current head coach of the Tigers. But who is Jayden Hardaway, and what is his relationship with his father? Here are some facts about the young guard who is making his own name in the NCAA.

Jayden Hardaway was born with autism

According to Penny Hardaway, Jayden was born with autism and showed signs of it when he was very young. He would line up bottles and be fascinated by patterns. However, he was diagnosed early and received treatment from specialists. He overcame his condition and excelled academically and athletically. He was the valedictorian of his high school class and earned two degrees: a bachelor’s and a master’s. He also has a beautiful mind, as his father described it. Penny and Jayden are planning to make a movie about their story, which will showcase how Jayden defied the odds and became a success.

Jayden Hardaway transferred to Memphis to play for his father

Jayden Hardaway started his basketball career at Miami Palmetto High School in Florida, where he averaged 12.1 points per game as a junior. He then transferred to East High School in Memphis for his senior year, where he was coached by his father and helped the team win a state championship. He also played for Team Penny, an AAU team founded by his father.

Jayden Hardaway joined the Memphis Tigers in 2018 as a walk-on, meaning he did not receive a scholarship. He chose to play for his father because he wanted to learn from him and be part of his vision for the program. He said that playing for his father is not easy, but it is rewarding. He also said that they have a great relationship on and off the court, and that they communicate well.

Jayden Hardaway improved his game and earned a scholarship

Jayden Hardaway did not play much in his freshman year, averaging only 1.8 points in 5.9 minutes per game. However, he worked hard to improve his body and his skills in the offseason. He focused on being more aggressive, unselfish, and confident on the court. He also learned how to take advantage of mismatches and play out of closeouts.

His efforts paid off in his sophomore year, when he played in all 28 games and started 19 of them. He averaged 5.4 points and 1 rebound in 10 minutes per game. He also shot 33.8% from the three-point line. He earned praise from his father for being consistent, reliable, and versatile.

In July 2021, Penny Hardaway announced that Jayden Hardaway had earned a scholarship for the upcoming season. He said that Jayden deserved it for his dedication, improvement, and leadershi. Jayden Hardaway will be back for his fifth season with the Tigers in 2023-24.


Jayden Hardaway is more than just Penny Hardaway’s son. He is a basketball player who has overcome challenges, improved his game, and earned respect. He is also a student who has achieved academic excellence and a person who has a beautiful mind. He is related to Penny by blood, but also by passion, vision, and love for the game.

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