Is James May Related to Brian May? The Truth Behind the Rumour

Many people have wondered if **James May**, the co-host of The Grand Tour and former Top Gear star, is related to **Brian May**, the legendary guitarist of Queen. They share the same surname, have similar interests in music and science, and both have iconic hair. But are they really brothers, cousins, or distant relatives? Here is the truth behind the rumour.

No Family Connection

According to an article published by Express, **Brian May and James May are not related**. James May, the TV personality, was born in Bristol as the fourth of four children, whereas Brian was still a kid. Although they are “in no way related,” James May would love to meet Brian May.

James May revealed this in an interview with Andy Jay on Driven, a talk radio show. He said: “No he’s not sadly [my brother], I would love to have Brian May as my brother because he’s great and has fantastic hair. He’s slightly older than me, so he’d have to be my big brother. We are not in any way related, I haven’t even met him.”

He also added that he knows people who have met Brian May and they have said he is a lovely man. “He’s interesting, I’d love him to be my brother, no offence to my actual brother if he is listening, but no relation sorry.”

Shared Interests

Despite having no family connection, James May and Brian May have some shared interests that could make them good friends if they ever met. James May studied music at Pendle College, Lancaster University. He learned the flute and piano. He could have fit in nicely with Queen.

James May has also done a lot of science and technology programs over the years. Brian May holds a PhD in astrophysics. If the two ever met, they would have a lot to chat about. And contrary to James May’s self-deprecating humor, they both have rock ‘n’ roll hair.

Other Rumours

James May is not only linked to Brian May by rumours. He has also been asked if he is related to former Prime Minister Theresa May. The answer is no. If they were related, they would have had some challenging family dinners. Theresa May was in favor of Brexit, while James May wanted the UK to remain in the EU. BTW, Brian May shared James’ views on that subject.

Another rumour that James May has denied is that his father is a priest². He said: “Is one of the questions, ‘Is my dad really a priest?’ No his father James isn’t.”² There does not seem to be any basis or long-held rumor that his dad was indeed a priest. But, he clearly has been asked this question before.


So, there you have it. **James May and Brian May are not related** in any way. They just happen to share a common surname and some hobbies. But maybe one day they will meet and become friends. After all, they both seem like nice guys with a lot of talent and charisma.

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