Is Jake Owen Related to Kenny Chesney? The Truth Behind Their Friendship

Jake Owen and Kenny Chesney are two of the most popular country singers in the industry. They have both released multiple hit songs, sold millions of albums, and headlined sold-out tours. But are they related by blood or just by music? Here’s what we know about their relationship.

Jake Owen’s Early Career and Connection to Kenny Chesney

Jake Owen was born in Florida in 1981 and grew up playing golf and sports. He started playing guitar after a wakeboarding accident that left him unable to pursue his golf career. He moved to Nashville in 2005 and signed with RCA Nashville. He released his debut album, Startin’ with Me, that year, which produced three singles that reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

One of the songs on his debut album, “Ghosts”, was co-written by Owen, Jimmy Ritchey, and Chuck Jones. They had originally intended the song for Kenny Chesney, but he passed on it. However, this led to Owen meeting Chesney and forming a friendship with him. Owen later said that Chesney was one of his musical heroes and mentors.

Jake Owen’s Touring Experience with Kenny Chesney

In 2006, Owen got the opportunity to open for Chesney on his The Road and the Radio Tour. He said that it was a dream come true for him and that he learned a lot from watching Chesney perform every night. He also said that Chesney was very supportive and generous with him and his band.

Owen continued to tour with Chesney over the years, opening for him on his Poets & Pirates Tour in 2008, his Sun City Carnival Tour in 2009, and his The Big Revival Tour in 2015. Owen said that he always enjoyed touring with Chesney because he had a lot of fun and felt like part of his family.

Jake Owen’s Personal Relationship with Kenny Chesney

Besides being musical colleagues, Owen and Chesney are also good friends in their personal lives. They have bonded over their love for the beach, boating, fishing, and surfing. They have also spent time together with their families and friends.

Owen has referred to Chesney as “Uncle Kenny” to his daughter Pearl, who was born in 2012. He posted a photo of Pearl and Chesney on Instagram in 2015, captioning it “Uncle Kenny came over today”. He also said that Chesney was one of the first people to congratulate him when he became a father.

Owen has also expressed his admiration and gratitude for Chesney on several occasions. He said that Chesney was one of the reasons he moved to Nashville and pursued a career in country music. He also said that Chesney was always there for him when he needed advice or guidance.


Jake Owen and Kenny Chesney are not related by blood, but they are related by music and friendship. They have worked together, toured together, and supported each other for over a decade. They share a similar style of country music that celebrates life, love, and adventure. They are both successful artists who have inspired many fans with their songs and stories.

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