Is Jacob Fatu related to Roman Reigns? The truth about the MLW star and the WWE champion

If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you may have heard of Jacob Fatu, the MLW World Heavyweight Champion who has been dominating the independent scene for the past few years. But did you know that he is also related to one of the biggest stars in WWE, Roman Reigns? In this article, we will explore the connection between Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns, as well as their respective careers and achievements.

Who is Jacob Fatu?

Jacob Fatu is a 36-year-old wrestler who is currently signed with Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he is the longest-reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion, having held the title for over 800 days. He is also a member of the Contra Unit, a heel faction that opposes the MLW management and roster.

Jacob Fatu is the son of Sam Fatu, who competed under the ring names The Tonga Kid and Tama during his career. He is also the nephew of Rikishi, who trained him to become a wrestler. Jacob Fatu made his professional wrestling debut in 2012, teaming up with his cousin Black Pearl. He has since worked for various promotions, such as All Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Game Changer Wrestling, West Coast Pro Wrestling and PCW ULTRA.

Jacob Fatu is known for his impressive athleticism and agility, despite his large size. He can perform high-flying moves such as moonsaults and dives, as well as powerful strikes and slams. He has been praised by fans and critics alike for his charisma and presence in the ring. In 2020, he was ranked #20 out of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500, placing him higher than many WWE stars.

Jacob Fatu is part of the Anoa’i family wrestling dynasty, which includes many famous wrestlers from Samoa and American Samoa. His father Sam Fatu is a cousin of Afa and Sika Anoa’i, who were known as The Wild Samoans. Afa and Sika are the uncles of Roman Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i. This makes Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns cousins.

Roman Reigns is currently the WWE Universal Champion, having held the title since August 2020. He is also the leader of The Bloodline, a heel stable that consists of his cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso, who are the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Roman Reigns is widely regarded as one of the top stars in WWE, having won multiple championships and main-evented several WrestleManias.

Roman Reigns and Jacob Fatu have never faced each other in a wrestling match, but they have expressed their respect and support for each other on social media. In an interview with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc., Jacob Fatu said that he and Roman Reigns have always worked together as family.


What are the chances of Jacob Fatu joining WWE?

Jacob Fatu has never appeared in WWE, but there have been rumors and speculations that he might join the company someday. Some fans have suggested that he could be a potential opponent or ally for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, given their family ties and similar characters.

However, Jacob Fatu seems to be happy and loyal to MLW, where he has been a mainstay since 2019. He has also stated that he enjoys working for different promotions and having creative freedom. His contract with MLW reportedly allows him to work elsewhere, but not for WWE or AEW.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that Jacob Fatu will join WWE anytime soon, unless there is a major change in his contract or situation. For now, fans can enjoy watching him perform in MLW and other independent promotions.


Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns are cousins who belong to the same wrestling family. They are both champions in their respective promotions, MLW and WWE. They have never wrestled each other, but they have shown mutual respect and support. Jacob Fatu has not signed with WWE, but he remains one of the most sought-after wrestlers on the independent scene.

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