Is Eric Weinstein Related to Harvey Weinstein? The Truth Behind the Surname

Many people have wondered if Eric Weinstein, the mathematician and economist, is related to Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced film producer. They share the same last name, but do they share the same bloodline? In this article, we will explore the backgrounds of these two public figures and reveal the truth behind their surname.

Who is Eric Weinstein?

Eric Weinstein is a critically acclaimed academician from the US. His major focus is mathematics and economics. Eric has widely worked across these two main categories. He is most notably known for coining a new word in the world of the internet: “intellectual dark web”. He has named himself and his brother Bret Weinstein, a biologist and activist, as members of this group of thinkers who challenge mainstream ideas and norms.

Eric Weinstein was born in Los Angeles in 1965. He received his PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University in 1992 under the supervision of Raoul Bott. He left academia after stints at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He worked as a managing director for Thiel Capital, an investment capital firm, from 2013 until 2022.

Eric Weinstein is popular for his podcast, The Portal, where he talks about finance, risk, the role of mathematics, and everything related to economics. He has been featured alongside Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and others. He has also presented his ideas on a theory of everything called “Geometric Unity”, which has received skepticism and criticism from some physicists and science writers.

Who is Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein is a former film producer who co-founded Miramax and The Weinstein Company. He was one of the most powerful and influential figures in Hollywood for decades, producing and distributing many acclaimed films such as Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The King’s Speech, and many more.

However, Harvey Weinstein is also known for being one of the most notorious sexual predators in the entertainment industry. In 2017, dozens of women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape against him, sparking the Me Too movement that exposed many other cases of abuse and misconduct in various fields. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual assault in 2020 and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The answer is no. Eric Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein are two different people with different backgrounds sharing the same last name. They do not have any connection whatsoever. They are just two public figures with similar surnames, and there ends the common link between them.

According to, “the two are not related in any way regardless of the fact that they share the same name.” According to, “Eric and Harvey Weinstein are two different people with different backgrounds sharing the same last name. However, they do not have any connection whatsoever.”

The surname Weinstein is derived from a German word meaning “wine stone”, which is a type of sediment found in wine barrels. It is a common Jewish surname that can be traced back to various regions in Europe. It is possible that Eric Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein have some distant ancestors who shared this surname, but they are not closely related by any means.


In conclusion, Eric Weinstein is not related to Harvey Weinstein. They are both public figures who happen to have the same last name, but they have nothing else in common. Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist who coined the term “intellectual dark web” and has a podcast called The Portal. Harvey Weinstein is a former film producer who was convicted of rape and sexual assault and is serving a 23-year prison sentence.

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