Is Emily Rudd Related to Paul Rudd? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people wonder if Emily Rudd, the actress who starred in the Netflix horror trilogy Fear Street, is related to Paul Rudd, the actor who played Ant-Man and other roles in Hollywood. They share the same last name, but is there any blood connection between them? The answer is no. Emily Rudd is not related to Paul Rudd, despite the rumor that circulates on the internet.

Who is Emily Rudd?

Emily Rudd is a 30-year-old actress and model from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She started her career as a model, working with photographers such as Jared Kocka, Sara Kiesling and Peter Jamus. She also appeared in several music videos, such as “Can’t Deny My Love” by Brandon Flowers, “We Came to Bang” by 3LAU and Luciana, and “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake.

She made her acting debut in 2018, appearing in two TV anthologies: Electric Dreams and The Romanoffs. She also starred in the USA pilot Olive Forever, a crime drama about a teenage cat burglar, but the show was not picked up by the network. She later had a guest role on Dynasty, playing Heidi, the ex-girlfriend of Liam Ridley.

Her breakthrough role came in 2021, when she played Cindy Berman in Fear Street Part Two: 1978 and Abigail and Cindy in Fear Street Part Three: 1666. The trilogy, based on R.L. Stine’s book series, follows a group of teenagers who are terrorized by a curse that dates back to 1666.

Emily is currently filming Moonshot, a sci-fi rom-com for HBO Max, opposite Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor. She will also return for the second season of Hunters, an Amazon Prime drama about Nazi hunters in 1970s New York.

Who is Paul Rudd?

Paul Rudd is a 54-year-old actor, producer and writer from Passaic, New Jersey. He started his career in 1992, appearing in the NBC drama Sisters. He rose to fame in 1995, playing Josh Lucas in Clueless, a comedy film based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma.

He went on to star in several comedies, such as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Role Models and I Love You, Man. He also appeared in dramas, such as The Cider House Rules, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Catcher Was a Spy.

He joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015, playing Scott Lang/Ant-Man in Ant-Man and its sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. He also reprised his role in Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. He will return for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023.

He has also produced and written several films and TV shows, such as Wanderlust, Fun Mom Dinner and Living with Yourself. He recently starred in The Shrink Next Door, a dark comedy series for Apple TV+, based on a true story of a psychiatrist who manipulates his patient.

He has been married to Julie Yaeger since 2003 and they have two children: Jack and Darby.

Why do people think Emily Rudd is related to Paul Rudd?

The rumor that Emily Rudd is related to Paul Rudd probably stems from their shared last name and their involvement in the entertainment industry. However, there is no evidence that they are related by blood or marriage. They have never worked together or mentioned each other in interviews or social media.

According to, Emily’s IMDb bio confirms that she is “not a relation” to Paul. According to, Paul has no connections with the young model and actress from Minnesota. According to Abtc.ng⁴, Emily has one sibling, a brother named Dan.


Emily Rudd and Paul Rudd are not related. They are both successful actors who happen to have the same last name. They have different backgrounds, careers and families. They have never met or interacted with each other publicly. The rumor that they are related is false and unfounded..

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