Is Edgar Sotelo Related to Piolin? The Truth Behind the Two Radio Stars

If you are a fan of Spanish language radio, you may have heard of two popular personalities: Edgar Sotelo and Piolin. Both of them are Mexican-born radio hosts who have achieved success and recognition in the U.S. market. But are they related to each other? The answer is no, they are not. Despite sharing the same last name and the same country of origin, Edgar Sotelo and Piolin are not related by blood or marriage. They are, however, colleagues and friends who have worked together in the past.

Who is Edgar Sotelo?

Edgar Sotelo is a fourth-generation artist who was born in Durango, Mexico. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were also talented artists. Edgar came to the U.S. to attend Texas Tech University, where he graduated in 1988. He started his career as a pencil artist, but later switched to oil painting. He specializes in realistic and vibrant scenes of ranch life, cowboys, charros, and horses. He has won several national awards and been invited to prestigious art auctions. He is also an avid horse breeder and owner of La Joya Ranch in Sulphur Springs, Texas .

Who is Piolin?

Piolin is the nickname of Eduardo Sotelo, a radio broadcaster who was born in Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico. His nickname means “Tweety Bird” in Mexican Spanish, a name he acquired as a child. He crossed the border to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and started his radio career in 2003. He became the host of Piolin Por La Mañana, a nationally syndicated morning show that was broadcast entirely in Spanish for a Spanish-speaking audience. He was ranked among the 100 most powerful people in Southern California by the Los Angeles Times in 2006. He left Univision Radio in 2013 after allegations of sexual harassment, which he denied . He then joined SiriusXM and launched his own channel, Piolin Radio . He currently hosts El Show de Piolin, a nationally syndicated radio show that features jokes, news, interviews, and music . He is also a motivational speaker and a community activist who has been honored by former President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate for his work .

How are Edgar Sotelo and Piolin connected?

Edgar Sotelo and Piolin are connected through their professional collaboration and friendship. They met in 2007 when Piolin invited Edgar to his radio show to promote his art. They hit it off and became friends. Edgar also became a regular guest on Piolin’s show, where he would share stories about his ranch life and his paintings. He also created several artworks for Piolin’s studio and office, including a portrait of Piolin with his family and a mural of Mexican icons . They have also supported each other’s causes and events, such as fundraisers for children’s hospitals and immigration reform rallies .


Edgar Sotelo and Piolin are two successful Mexican-born radio stars who have made their mark in the U.S. media industry. They are not related by blood or marriage, but they are colleagues and friends who have worked together and supported each other for over a decade. They share a common passion for their culture, their community, and their art.

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