Is Ed Related to Matt Winder? The Truth Behind the Off Road Recovery Duo

If you are a fan of off road recovery videos, you might have come across Matt’s Off Road Recovery, a popular YouTube channel that showcases the adventures of Matt Winder and his team as they rescue stranded vehicles in the desert. One of the most frequent members of the team is Ed, a friend of Matt who often helps him with the towing and recovery operations. But who is Ed exactly, and is he related to Matt Winder? Here are some facts you need to know about the off road recovery duo.

Ed is Matt’s friend, not his father

One of the most common misconceptions about Ed is that he is Matt’s father. This is probably because they share the same last name, Winder, and because Ed is older than Matt. However, this is not true. Ed’s full name is Ed Robbin, and he is a friend of Matt Wetzel, the founder and owner of Winder Towing Inc. The friends’ duo has rescued many vehicles around California over the past few years. So, long story short, Ed is an old friend of Matt. He also has excellent knowledge of vehicles and how to tow them to rescue.

Ed has a large family

Another fact about Ed is that he has a large family. He has been married to his wife Betty for a long time, and they have six children together. Their kids include David, Eddie, and Doug. The names of their other two kids are unknown. Ed and his family live in Auburn, where they have an agricultural farm. Ed is proud of his children and their achievements, especially Matt’s success as a premier towing service provider and iconic vehicle recovery video maker.

Ed is not involved in a fake story

There is a fake story circulating on the internet that claims that Ed drove 80 miles to see Matt after he was involved in a severe accident and was in a coma. The story also claims that Ed is Matt’s father and that he prayed for his son’s recovery. However, this story is completely fictional and has nothing to do with Ed Robbin or Matt Wetzel. The story was published on a church website as a fictional tale called “A Second Chance at Life”. Coincidentally, the names of the father and son in the story were Ed and Matt, which gave rise to this confusion.

Ed is part of Winder Towing

Ed is not only a friend of Matt but also an employee of Winder Towing, the family-owned business founded by Harlon Winder in 1985. Winder Towing is the company behind Matt’s Off Road Recovery, the YouTube channel that features their towing and recovery adventures. Ed often appears in the videos alongside Matt and other members of the team, such as Lizzy, Rudy, Trevor, Jamie, and others. Ed helps Matt with the towing operations and also provides some comic relief with his witty remarks and jokes.

Ed loves his yellow jeep

Ed has a special attachment to his yellow 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ, which he has modified in various ways. He has given it a name – the Yellow Banana – and has added custom Winder Towing graphics to its body. He often uses it for the off road recovery missions and shows off its capabilities. He also takes good care of it and maintains it regularly.

Ed is not camera shy

Ed may seem like a natural on camera, but he was not always comfortable with being filmed. In fact, he was camera shy when he started appearing on Matt’s Off Road Recovery videos. However, he has learned how to overcome his shyness and interact with the audience better. He also enjoys making the videos and having fun with his friend Matt.

These are some of the facts about Ed Robbin, the friend and colleague of Matt Wetzel from Winder Towing and Matt’s Off Road Recovery. He is not related to Matt by blood, but he is like a family member to him. He is also a skilled and experienced off road recovery expert who loves his yellow jeep. He is not involved in any fake story or controversy, but he is part of an amazing team that entertains millions of viewers with their off road recovery videos.

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