Is Dusty Locane Related to Pop Smoke? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Dusty Locane is a rising rapper from Brooklyn who has been making waves with his drill music and his deep voice. But many fans have been wondering if he has any connection to the late Pop Smoke, who was also a Brooklyn drill rapper with a similar voice and style. Is Dusty Locane related to Pop Smoke? Are they cousins? Here is what we know.

Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke Grew Up Together

According to an interview with Fucious TV, Dusty Locane revealed that he and Pop Smoke knew each other since elementary school and grew up in the same neighborhood of Canarsie. He said they used to hang out with the same friends and even went to the same school, 66th Street Elementary.

Dusty Locane also paid tribute to Pop Smoke, calling him “the greatest to do it” and saying he was proud of his success. He said he didn’t try to exploit their friendship when Pop Smoke got famous, because he felt that was disrespectful and dishonest.

Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke Have Similar Voices and Styles

One of the reasons why fans have been speculating about Dusty Locane’s relation to Pop Smoke is their striking vocal resemblance. Both rappers have deep, raspy voices that sound almost identical on some tracks. They also rap over hard-hitting drill beats that originated from the UK and Chicago scenes.

Some fans have accused Dusty Locane of copying Pop Smoke’s style and flow, saying he is trying to capitalize on his death and gain clout. Some have even called him a “rip-off” or a “clone” of Pop Smoke. However, some fans have defended Dusty Locane, saying he is not intentionally imitating Pop Smoke, but rather he has a natural voice and accent that are similar to his. They also argue that he is paying homage to Pop Smoke and continuing his legacy.

Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke Are Not Cousins

Despite the rumors, Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke are not cousins or related by blood. This was confirmed by a young man who claimed to be Pop Smoke’s brother in a video posted on Instagram. He said that Dusty Locane is not part of their family and that he doesn’t know him personally.

However, some fans have suggested that Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke might have called each other “cousin” as a term of endearment or respect, especially since they were both affiliated with the Crips gang. This could explain why some people assumed they were related.


Dusty Locane is a talented rapper who has been making a name for himself in the drill scene. He has a lot of similarities with Pop Smoke, but he is not related to him. He is just a friend and a fan who grew up with him in Brooklyn. He has also faced some criticism for sounding too much like Pop Smoke, but he has also received some support from fans who appreciate his music. He is not trying to be Pop Smoke, but rather he is honoring his memory and carrying on his legacy.

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