Is Dolly Parton Related to Billy Ray Cyrus? The Truth Behind Their Friendship

Dolly Parton and Billy Ray Cyrus are two of the most iconic names in country music. They have been friends for decades, and have collaborated on several songs and projects. But are they related by blood or by law? Many fans have wondered about their relationship, especially since Parton is the godmother of Cyrus’ daughter, Miley Cyrus. Here is the truth behind their friendship and how they became family.

How They Met

According to Nicki Swift, Parton and Cyrus met in 1992, when Cyrus was a rising star with his hit song “Achy Breaky Heart”. Parton invited him to be her opening act on her tour, and they bonded over their love of music and their humble backgrounds. Cyrus told Closer Weekly¹, “I love Dolly. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without her.” He added that Parton has been there for him since the beginning, and that she sent him a letter to his dressing room that made him feel welcome.

How They Handled Romance Rumors

As their friendship grew, so did the rumors that they were romantically involved. Cyrus said that he was worried about what Parton would think of the gossip, but she was not bothered by it at all. She told him, “Honey, that s**t sells records!”¹ She also joked that she had a crush on him, and that he was her “Romeo”. In fact, they recorded a song together called “Romeo” in 1993, which fed into the speculation. However, they have always been just friends, and both have been married to their respective spouses for a long time.

How They Became Godparents

Parton and Cyrus are not only friends, but also godparents to each other’s children. Parton is the godmother of Miley Cyrus, who was born in 1992. She said that she prefers the term “fairy godmother” because it is less official⁴. She has been a mentor and a role model for Miley, who grew up watching her on Hannah Montana. She has also sung with Miley on several occasions, such as on her Christmas album Holly Dolly Christmas.

Cyrus is the godfather of Parton’s niece Hannah Dennison, who was born in 1987. Hannah is the daughter of Parton’s sister Rachel Dennison, who is also an actress and singer. Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four years old, and Parton and Cyrus helped raise funds for her treatment. Hannah is now cancer-free and works as a nurse³.

How They Support Each Other

Parton and Cyrus have remained close over the years, and have supported each other through thick and thin. They have praised each other’s talents and achievements, and have defended each other from critics. They have also performed together on various occasions, such as on The Voice and at the Grammys. They have also appeared on each other’s shows and podcasts, such as Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Apple Music Country show.

Parton and Cyrus are not related by blood or by law, but they are related by heart. They have a friendship that goes beyond music and fame. They are family who love and respect each other.

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