Is DK Metcalf Related To Eric Metcalf? The Truth Behind The NFL Family Tree

If you are a fan of the NFL, you might have wondered if DK Metcalf, the star wide receiver of the Seattle Seahawks, is related to Eric Metcalf, the former All-Pro running back and return specialist. The answer is not as simple as you might think, as there are some confusing and conflicting reports about their family ties. In this article, we will try to clear up the confusion and reveal the truth behind the NFL family tree of DK Metcalf and Eric Metcalf.

Who is DK Metcalf?

DK Metcalf is one of the most talented and physically gifted receivers in the NFL today. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, after playing college football at Ole Miss. He has quickly established himself as a dominant force on the field, with his combination of size, speed, strength, and agility. He has also formed a dynamic duo with quarterback Russell Wilson, who often targets him for deep passes and big plays.

In his three seasons in the league so far, DK Metcalf has accumulated 3,170 receiving yards and 29 touchdowns on 199 receptions. He has also made two Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team. He is widely regarded as one of the best receivers in the game and a potential future Hall of Famer.

Who is Eric Metcalf?

Eric Metcalf is a former NFL player who played for seven different teams from 1989 to 2002. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft, after playing college football at Texas. He was primarily used as a running back, but also played as a wide receiver, kick returner, and punt returner. He was known for his versatility, elusiveness, and explosiveness on the field.

In his 14 seasons in the league, Eric Metcalf amassed 17,230 all-purpose yards and 55 touchdowns. He had 5,572 receiving yards, 2,392 rushing yards, 3,453 punt return yards, and 5,813 kick return yards. He also scored 12 touchdowns on returns, which ranks third in NFL history. He made three Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams. He is considered one of the best return specialists of all time and a possible Hall of Fame candidate.

Are DK Metcalf and Eric Metcalf related?

The short answer is yes, but not directly. DK Metcalf and Eric Metcalf are cousins once removed, meaning that they share a common ancestor but are not from the same generation. The common ancestor they share is Terry Metcalf, who is also a former NFL player.

Terry Metcalf is Eric Metcalf’s father and DK Metcalf’s great-uncle. Terry played as a running back for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1973 to 1977 and for the Washington Redskins in 1981. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and a two-time All-Pro. He had 4,489 rushing yards, 3,489 receiving yards, and 43 touchdowns in his career.

Terry’s son Eric is DK’s cousin once removed on his father’s side. DK’s father is Terrence Metcalf (not to be confused with Terrance Metcalf), who also played in the NFL as an offensive guard for the Chicago Bears from 2002 to 2008. Terrence is Terry’s nephew and Eric’s cousin.

According to various sources, DK and Eric did not know they were related until DK participated in the NFL combine in 2019. They discovered their family connection through Terry, who reached out to both of them and confirmed their relationship.


DK Metcalf and Eric Metcalf are cousins once removed through their common ancestor Terry Metcalf. They are both part of an impressive NFL family tree that spans three generations and four different positions. They are both among the best players at their respective positions and have made their mark on the league with their outstanding performances.

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