Is DD Osama Related to Notti Osama? The Truth Behind the Drill Rap Brothers

Drill rap is a genre of hip hop music that originated in Chicago and later spread to other cities such as New York and London. It is characterized by aggressive lyrics, dark beats, and often violent themes. Drill rap has also been associated with gang culture and street violence, as many drill rappers are involved in or affiliated with gangs.

One of the rising stars of drill rap in New York was Notti Osama, a 14-year-old rapper who was fatally stabbed in an altercation at a Manhattan subway station on July 9, 2022. Notti Osama, whose real name was Ethan Reyes, was known for his songs “Without You”, “Dead Opps”, and “40s N 9s”. He had a loyal fan base and was considered one of the most promising young talents in the industry.

But who was Notti Osama’s family? And what is his relation to another drill rapper, DD Osama? In this article, we will explore the truth behind the drill rap brothers and their tragic story.

The Reyes Family: A Musical Dynasty

Notti Osama was the youngest of six siblings, all of whom had a passion for music. His older brother, David Reyes, is better known as DD Osama, a 16-year-old rapper who has gained popularity for his songs “Upnow”, “Throw”, and “Letter 2 Notti”. DD Osama is signed to Alamo Records and has collaborated with artists such as Coi Leray, Lil Zay Osama, and Rylo Rodriguez.

According to World Wide Tune, DD Osama and Notti Osama also had three other brothers who were rappers: JStar Balla, JayKlickin, and HoodStarDotty. They also had a sister named Melz. The Reyes family grew up in Harlem, New York, and were influenced by the hip hop culture of their neighborhood.

DD Osama and Notti Osama were especially close, as they started rapping together in 2018. They often featured each other in their songs and videos, and supported each other’s careers. They also shared a common affiliation with the gang OY (Original Youngins), which they frequently shouted out in their lyrics.

The Death of Notti Osama: A Senseless Tragedy

On July 9, 2022, Notti Osama’s life was cut short when he got into a fight with a 15-year-old rival at the 137th Street/City College subway station. According to Sportskeeda2, Notti Osama cornered the accused and confronted him with a broomstick. The accused then stabbed him in the chest and fled the scene. Notti Osama was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The accused was later arrested and charged with first-degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. His name has not been released by the police, but he was reportedly known to Notti Osama and had some issues with him. The motive behind the stabbing is still unclear, but some sources suggest that it may have been related to drill rap or gang rivalry.

The death of Notti Osama shocked the rap community and his fans, who mourned his loss on social media. His brother DD Osama also paid tribute to him on Instagram, writing “Like why did you leave me? Why you tell me that death is easy?” He also released a song called “Letter 2 Notti”, where he expressed his grief and love for his brother.

The Legacy of Notti Osama: A Young Legend

Despite his short-lived career, Notti Osama left a lasting impact on the drill rap scene. His songs have amassed millions of views on YouTube and other platforms, and his style and flow have inspired many other artists. He was also praised for his authenticity and charisma, as he rapped about his life experiences and struggles.

Notti Osama’s legacy lives on through his music, his fans, and his family. His brother DD Osama continues to honor him in his songs and videos, and keeps his memory alive. He also carries on the drill rap tradition that he and his brother started together.

Notti Osama was more than just a drill rapper. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and a star. He had a bright future ahead of him, but it was taken away too soon. He will always be remembered as one of the young legends of drill rap.

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