Is Davida Williams Related to Venus Williams? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Davida Williams is a talented actress, producer, director and dancer who has appeared in many TV shows and movies, such as Lizzie McGuire, Raise Your Voice, As the World Turns and Teenage Bank Heist. She is also the daughter of the late David Williams, a renowned guitarist who worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston, and the older sister of singer Dana Williams.

But is she related to Venus Williams, the legendary tennis player and seven-time Grand Slam champion? The answer is no. Davida Williams and Venus Williams are not blood relatives, nor do they share any family ties.

How Did the Rumors Start?

The rumors about Davida Williams being related to Venus Williams started when it was announced that Davida was cast in a movie produced by Venus, titled Game, Set, Love. The movie is a romantic comedy about a tennis star who falls in love with her coach. Davida plays the role of Kelly Price, a reporter who covers the tennis world.

According to Davida’s Instagram post, she was thrilled to work with Venus on this project and praised her as a “visionary producer”. She also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of her and Venus on set.

Some fans and media outlets speculated that Davida and Venus were sisters or cousins, based on their physical resemblance and their involvement in the same movie. However, this is not true. Davida and Venus are not related by blood or marriage.

How Are Davida and Venus Professionally Related?

Davida and Venus are professionally related because they are both working on the same movie, Game, Set, Love. Venus is the producer of the movie, while Davida is one of the actors. They are both part of the same creative team that aims to bring this romantic comedy to life.

Game, Set, Love is not only Venus’ first movie as a producer, but also her first movie as an actor. She plays a cameo role as herself in the movie. The movie also stars Jessica Lowndes as the tennis star and Wes Brown as the coach.

The movie is expected to premiere on Hallmark Channel in 2023. It is part of Venus’ new venture into the entertainment industry, after retiring from her professional tennis career in 2022.

Who Are Venus’ Real Siblings?

Venus has four real siblings: Serena Williams, Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price and Isha Price. Serena is her younger sister and also a tennis legend who has won 23 Grand Slam titles. Yetunde was her eldest half-sister who was tragically killed in 2003. Lyndrea and Isha are her other half-sisters who are also involved in the entertainment industry. Lyndrea is a website designer and Isha is a lawyer and film producer.

Venus also has five half-siblings on her father’s side: Sabrina Williams, Richard III Williams, Ronner Williams, Reluss Williams and Reneeka Williams. They are the children of Richard Williams’ first marriage to Betty Johnson. Sabrina is currently writing her autobiography where she plans to reveal more about her family history.

Venus and Serena have a very close bond with their siblings and their parents, Oracene Price and Richard Williams. Their family story was recently depicted in the biopic King Richard, starring Will Smith as their father.


Davida Williams and Venus Williams are not related by blood or marriage. They are only professionally related because they are working on the same movie, Game, Set, Love. Davida is an actress who plays a reporter in the movie, while Venus is the producer and also plays a cameo role as herself.

Davida and Venus are both talented and successful women who have made their mark in different fields. They share a passion for creativity and entertainment that brought them together for this project.

We hope this article cleared up any confusion about their relationship status and answered your question: Is Davida Williams related to Venus Williams?.

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