Is Dan Hurley Related to Bobby Hurley? The Story of College Basketball’s Famous Coaching Brothers

Basketball fans of every generation know the Hurley family. The Hurleys have made their mark at the high school, college, and NBA ranks for several decades, and the latest chapter is being written at the NCAA Tournament right now.

Dan Hurley and Bobby Hurley: Brothers in Basketball

Yes, Dan Hurley and Bobby Hurley are brothers who share the same parents and a passion for basketball. They were born and raised in New Jersey, where their love for the game was instilled by their parents.

Dan played at Seton Hall but has made his name as a head coach at UConn and Rhode Island. He led the Huskies to the Elite Eight for the first time in his coaching career in 2023, with a balanced roster that had a legitimate chance of taking home the national title.

Bobby, though, first developed a reputation as a player. He was an All-American at Duke from 1989-1993, winning two national championships, and spent five seasons in the NBA from 1993-1998, but his career was derailed by a serious car accident during his rookie season. He has since coached at Buffalo and Arizona State, where he narrowly missed a chance to face his brother in the NCAA Tournament in 2023.

Bob Hurley: The Legendary Father

The two brothers have a ways to go to fill the massive shoes their father left for them in regards to coaching success. Bob Hurley, who is the father to Bobby and Dan, is one of the most successful coaches in basketball history. He served as head coach of St. Anthony High School for 45 seasons and won 26 state championships during this time. 

Hurley is just the third high school to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. During his high school tenure, Hurley had five undefeated seasons, produced six NBA first-round picks and passed on a number of college offers in favor of staying at the high school level². Both the Hurley brothers played under him as well.

The Hurley Legacy Continues

The Hurley family has left an indelible mark on basketball history, and they are not done yet. Dan Hurley is still coaching at UConn, where he hopes to bring back the glory days of the Huskies’ program. Bobby Hurley is still at Arizona State, where he has turned the Sun Devils into a competitive team in the Pac-12.

The two brothers are also mentors to their sons, who are following in their footsteps. Danny Hurley’s son Drew is a freshman guard at UConn, while Bobby Hurley’s son Bobby Jr. is a sophomore guard at UC Irvine. 

The Hurleys are a basketball family through and through, and they have shown that they can succeed at any level of the game. They are an inspiration to many aspiring players and coaches who dream of making it big on the hardwood.

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