Is Damson Idris Related to Idris Elba? The Truth Behind the Rumors

If you are a fan of British actors, you might have wondered if Damson Idris and Idris Elba are related. After all, they share the same first and last names, and they both have Nigerian roots. But are they really family? Here is the truth behind the rumors.

You will be surprised to learn that Damson Idris is not related to Idris Elba. Damson Idris and Idris Elba are both British actors, but they have different fathers, so there is no relation between them. 

Idris Elba is the son of the famous actress Eve Elba and Winston Elba, a British artist. He was born on September 6, 1972, in Hackney, London. He is known for his roles in The Wire, Luther, Thor, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and many other films and TV shows.

Damson Idris is the son of Philippa Idris, a single mother who raised him and his five siblings in Peckham, South East London. He was born on September 2, 1991. He is known for his role as Franklin Saint in the FX crime drama Snowfall, as well as his appearances in Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, Farming, and Outside the Wire.

How did the rumors start?

The rumors about Damson Idris and Idris Elba being related started because of their similar names. Many fans assumed that they were brothers or cousins because they both have “Idris” as their first name and “Elba” as their last name.

However, this is just a coincidence. “Idris” is a common name in Nigeria, where both actors have ancestral ties. It means “studious” or “interpreter” in Arabic. “Elba” is also a common surname in Nigeria, as well as in other African countries. It means “river” or “water” in Hausa.

Have they ever met?

Damson Idris and Idris Elba have met several times and have expressed their admiration for each other. Damson Idris has said that Idris Elba was one of his inspirations to pursue acting and that he helped him with his American accent for Snowfall.

Idris Elba has also praised Damson Idris for his talent and success. He once told him that people always ask him if he is his little brother. He also invited him to a party honoring Spike Lee in London.

The two actors have also worked together on a project called Concrete Cowboy, a Netflix film about urban cowboys in Philadelphia. Damson Idris plays Cole, a rebellious teenager who is sent to live with his estranged father Harp (Idris Elba), who introduces him to the world of horseback riding.


Damson Idris and Idris Elba are not related by blood, but they are connected by their passion for acting and their Nigerian heritage. They are both successful and respected actors who have made their mark in Hollywood and beyond. They are also friends who support each other’s careers and projects.

So next time you hear someone ask if Damson Idris is related to Idris Elba, you can confidently say no, but you can also tell them about their amazing stories and achievements..

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