Is Dabi Related to Endeavor? The Shocking Truth Behind the Todoroki Family

Dabi is one of the most mysterious and intriguing villains in My Hero Academia. He is a member of the League of Villains and the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s Vanguard Action Squad. He has a powerful fire quirk that can incinerate anything in his path, but he also suffers from severe burns all over his body. His true identity and motives have been shrouded in mystery for a long time, until a recent episode of the anime finally revealed the shocking truth behind his connection to the Todoroki family.

Dabi’s True Identity: Toya Todoroki

Dabi’s true identity is Toya Todoroki, and that means that he is connected to Endeavor. In fact, he is Endeavor’s eldest son but was presumably killed many years ago due to an accident involving his quirk. However, he was saved by All For One and Garaki by turning him into a Nomu-like monster.

Toya was born with a powerful fire quirk that surpassed even Endeavor’s, but he also inherited his mother’s weak constitution and low resistance to heat. This made him unable to control his own flames, which eventually burned his body and caused him immense pain. Endeavor, who was obsessed with creating a perfect successor to surpass All Might, neglected Toya and focused on training Shoto, his youngest son who had both fire and ice quirks.

Toya felt abandoned and resentful towards his father, and he also developed an inferiority complex towards Shoto. He tried to prove himself by training harder and harder, but he only ended up hurting himself more. One day, he went to a forest to train alone, where he accidentally caused a massive fire that engulfed him. Endeavor and his family believed that Toya died in the fire, and they mourned his loss.

However, Toya survived the fire, but he was severely injured and disfigured. He was found by All For One and Garaki, who experimented on him and turned him into a Nomu-like being. They gave him a new name, Dabi, and a new purpose: to destroy hero society and take revenge on Endeavor.

Dabi’s Revelation: A Blow to Hero Society

In the latest episode of the anime, which was already shown in the manga a few years ago, Dabi arrived at the back of Gigantomachia to the battlefield where Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki were. It was also here that he revealed to Endeavor and Shoto that he was Toya Todoroki. That meant that he was the eldest son of Endeavor.

Dabi did not stop there. He also broadcasted a pre-recorded message to the whole world, where he exposed Endeavor’s past abuses and crimes against his family. He accused Endeavor of being a fake hero who only cared about fame and power, and who ruined his family’s lives in pursuit of his selfish goals. He also revealed his own identity as Toya Todoroki, and claimed that he was the product of Endeavor’s failures.

Dabi’s revelation was a huge blow to hero society, which was already shaken by the war between heroes and villains. The public was shocked and outraged by the truth behind Endeavor’s family drama, and they started to lose faith in him as the number one hero and the symbol of peace. Some even blamed Endeavor for causing Dabi’s descent ino villainy, and for inviting more darkness and destruction into their lives..

Endeavor himself was devastated by Dabi’s revelation, as he realized that his son was still alive but had become his worst enemy. He also felt guilty and ashamed for what he had done to his family, especially to Toya. He could not face his son or defend himself from his accusations.

Shoto was also shocked and hurt by Dabi’s revelation, as he learned that he had an older brother who was still alive but had become a villain. He also felt angry and betrayed by Dabi for attacking him and his friends, and for trying to ruin their father’s reputation. He vowed to be the one to stop Dabi and end their family’s curse.

Conclusion: A Family Tragedy

Dabi’s connection to Endeavor is one of the most tragic and complex stories in My Hero Academia. It shows how a family can be torn apart by ambition, abuse, neglect, resentment, and revenge. It also shows how a hero can become a villain, and how a villain can challenge a hero.

Dabi is not only Endeavor’s son, but also his nemesis. He is not only Shoto’s brother, but also his rival. He is not only a villain, but also a victim. He is a character that evokes both sympathy and hatred, both curiosity and fear.

Dabi’s revelation has changed the course of the story, and it will have lasting consequences for the Todoroki family and for hero society. How will Endeavor and Shoto deal with Dabi’s existence and actions? How will Dabi continue his plans and goals? How will the public react to Endeavor and Dabi’s relationship? These are some of the questions that fans are eager to find out in the next episodes of the anime and chapters of the manga.

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