Is Chris Olsen Related to Meghan Trainor? The Truth Behind Their TikTok Friendship

If you are a fan of Meghan Trainor or Chris Olsen, you might have noticed that they often appear together on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms. They seem to have a lot of fun and chemistry, and they even share the same birthday (December 22). But are they related by blood or just by friendship? Here’s what we know about their relationship.

How did they meet?

According to BuzzFeed, Chris and Meghan met for the first time in April 2022, when he appeared on Meghan’s podcast. They hit it off right away and decided to collaborate on TikTok videos. Chris joked that they fooled the world by pretending they were friends from childhood, using a photoshopped picture of them as kids.

However, he also said that they became very close and genuine friends, and that he loves hanging out with her. Meghan agreed, saying that they would crush TikTok together.

Are they paid to be friends?

Some people might wonder if Chris is paid by Meghan to be her friend and help her with her social media presence. After all, he is a popular TikToker with over 7.6 million followers, and he has experience in creating viral content.

The answer is yes and no. Meghan did admit that she hired Chris to help her with her TikToks, and that he is on the payroll. But she also said that they became friends before all of this, and that their relationship is personal regardless of their professional collaboration.

Chris also poked fun at the speculation in a recent TikTok, saying that Meghan stops speaking to him as soon as they are done with their work, and that he is not allowed to make eye contact with her once he clocks out for the day.

Are they related?

The short answer is no. Chris and Meghan are not related by blood or by marriage. They are just best friends who share a lot of things in common, such as their love for music, comedy and TikTok.

They also share the same birthday, which they celebrated together this year with another celebrity who was born on December 22: Joshua Bassett. They wore matching hoodies with their childhood photos on them, and Meghan captioned the picture: “Loved sharing a womb with these two!”

Why do we love them?

Chris and Meghan are one of the most adorable duos on TikTok, and we love them for many reasons. They are hilarious, talented, supportive and relatable. They make us laugh with their skits, challenges and dances. They impress us with their singing skills and their collaborations with other artists. They inspire us with their positivity and their friendship goals.

They are also not afraid to be themselves and show their real personalities. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they don’t care about what others think of them. They are just having fun and enjoying life together.

We hope that they will continue to make more content for us, and that their friendship will last forever.

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