Is Chris Finch Related to Bill Finch? The Truth Behind the Names

You may have heard of Chris Finch, the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who has a reputation for being one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. You may also have heard of Bill Finch, the former mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who was known for his environmental policies and tax reform efforts. But are these two Finches related? Is there a family connection between the basketball coach and the politician? The answer is no. Despite sharing a common surname, Chris Finch and Bill Finch are not related by blood or marriage. Here are some facts that prove their lack of kinship.

Different Birthplaces and Backgrounds

According to, Chris Finch was born in 1969 in Pennsylvania, and grew up playing basketball in his home state. He attended Franklin & Marshall College, where he was a Division III All-American. He then pursued a professional career in Europe, playing for the Sheffield Sharks in England. He later became the coach of the Sharks, and won a league title and a Coach of the Year award in 1999.

According to Wikipedia, Bill Finch was born in 1956 in Connecticut, and grew up in Trumbull and Bridgeport. He attended the University of Connecticut, where he studied agricultural economics and served as the student representative to the board of trustees. He then moved back to Bridgeport, where he became a city council member for nine and a half years. He was elected as a state senator in 2000, representing Bridgeport, Trumbull, and Monroe.

As you can see, Chris Finch and Bill Finch have very different origins and paths in life. They do not share any common ancestry or hometown.

Different Physical Appearances

Another way to tell that Chris Finch and Bill Finch are not related is by looking at their physical appearances. Chris Finch is a tall, bald man with blue eyes and a light complexion. Bill Finch is a shorter, dark-haired man with brown eyes and a tan complexion. They do not look alike at all.

You can compare their photos on Wikipedia or IMDb to see for yourself.

Different Name Meanings

Finally, you may wonder if Chris Finch and Bill Finch have any connection through the meaning of their surname. Finch is a common English name that derives from the Old English word finc, meaning “finch”, a type of bird. It was originally a nickname for someone who resembled a finch in some way, such as having a cheerful disposition or a colorful clothing style.

However, not all Finches have the same origin or meaning for their name. According to, there are several possible sources for the name Finch, such as:

  • A variant of Fink, a German name that also means “finch”.
  • A variant of Vink, a Dutch name that means “finch” or “wine merchant”.
  • A variant of Fynch, an Irish name that derives from O’Finnseachain, meaning “descendant of Finnseachan”, a personal name composed of finn (“white”) and seach (“hawk”).
  • A variant of Fyncham, an English name that derives from Fyncham or Fyncheham, a place name meaning “homestead where finches are found”.

Therefore, it is possible that Chris Finch and Bill Finch have different origins and meanings for their surname, depending on their family history and genealogy. They may not share any common ancestors or heritage.


In conclusion, there is no evidence that Chris Finch and Bill Finch are related in any way. They have different birthplaces, backgrounds, appearances, and name meanings. They are simply two successful men who happen to share a common surname.

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