Is Charlie Wilson Related to Snoop Dogg? The Truth Behind Their Bond

Many people wonder if Charlie Wilson, the legendary R&B singer and former lead vocalist of The Gap Band, is related to Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper and entrepreneur. The answer is no, they are not related by blood. However, they do share a strong friendship and musical partnership that spans over two decades. Here is the truth behind their bond and how they have influenced each other’s lives and careers.

How They Met

Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg met in the mid-1990s, when Snoop was working on his second album, Tha Doggfather. Snoop was a fan of Wilson’s music and wanted to collaborate with him. Wilson, who was struggling with drug addiction and homelessness at the time, was brought to the studio by his counselor, Mahin Tat, who later became his wife. Wilson recalled the first meeting in an interview with Billboard:

“I walked into the studio and he [Snoop] jumped up and started bowing down to me saying ‘Uncle Charlie, Uncle Charlie, you’re a living legend.’ I was like ‘Wow, this is Snoop Dogg.’”

Snoop gave Wilson the nickname “Uncle Charlie” as a sign of respect and admiration. They recorded four songs together for Tha Doggfather, including “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” and “Doggy Dogg World”. The album was a success and marked the beginning of their long-lasting collaboration.

How They Helped Each Other

Wilson and Snoop have helped each other in many ways, both personally and professionally. Wilson credits Snoop for reviving his career and introducing him to a new generation of fans. Snoop has featured Wilson on many of his albums, such as No Limit Top Dogg, Tha Last Meal, R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, Ego Trippin’, Malice n Wonderland, Doggumentary, Reincarnated, Bush, Neva Left, and Bible of Love. They have also performed together on several occasions, such as the BET Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Essence Festival.

Snoop also credits Wilson for saving his marriage and inspiring him to embrace his spirituality. Wilson, who has been married to Mahin since 1995, advised Snoop to renew his vows with his wife Shante Broadus in 2008, after they had gone through some rough patches. Snoop surprised Shante with a lavish ceremony at Wilson’s house, where they exchanged rings and danced to Guy’s “Let’s Chill”. Wilson also encouraged Snoop to explore his faith and join him on his gospel album Bible of Love in 2018. Snoop told HipHollywood:

“Charlie Wilson, very influential in my life. Very, very influential in my life. Because when I put Charlie in my life, or when God put Charlie in my life, he was smoking crack and in a rehabilitation home. And the lady that was working at the home with him would bring him to the studio with me… It got to a point where… Charlie married this lady. And this lady became his wife… And I watched her change my uncle into a whole new person where he was drug-free… And we started to respect this lady because we’d seen the work God was doing through her for him.”

How They Celebrate Each Other

Wilson and Snoop have a mutual admiration and appreciation for each other. They often praise each other in interviews and on social media. They also celebrate each other’s achievements and milestones. For example, in 2013, Snoop presented Wilson with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards. He said:

“Uncle Charlie has always been a big inspiration for me… He taught me how to make music that feels good to people… He taught me how to be a man in this industry.”

In 2017, Wilson returned the favor by presenting Snoop with the I Am Hip Hop Award at the BET Hip Hop Awards. He said:

“Snoop is my nephew… He’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with… He’s always been true to himself.”

In 2020, they celebrated their birthdays together on Instagram Live. Wilson turned 67 on January 29th and Snoop turned 49 on October 20th. They sang songs, shared stories, and expressed their love for each other.


Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg are not related by blood, but they are related by music and spirit. They have a bond that goes beyond genres and generations. They have influenced each other’s lives and careers in positive ways. They have collaborated on numerous songs and projects that have delighted their fans. They have also supported each other through their ups and downs. They are more than friends, they are family. As Snoop said in his song “One More Day” featuring Wilson:

“Uncle Charlie, you’re my hero / You’re the reason why I do this / You showed me how to keep it moving / And always stay true to this.”

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