Is Cassi Davis Related to LaVan Davis? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis are two talented actors who have starred in several Tyler Perry’s productions, most notably as a married couple in the hit sitcom “House of Payne”. Their on-screen chemistry and hilarious antics have made them fan favorites, but many people wonder if they are related in real life. Are they married, siblings, or cousins? Here is the truth behind the rumors.

Cassi and LaVan’s Friendship and Collaboration

Cassi and LaVan first met in 2004, when they were cast in Tyler Perry’s play “Madea’s Family Reunion”. Cassi had initially rejected Perry’s offer to work with him, as she was not comfortable with “a man in a dress”. However, she changed her mind after a friend convinced her to give it a try. She was then offered the role of Ella Payne, the matriarch of the Payne family, in Perry’s new series “House of Payne” in 2006. LaVan was cast as her husband, Curtis Payne, the patriarch and a fire chief.

The duo quickly developed a strong friendship and a great rapport on set. They also appeared together in other Perry’s films, such as “Daddy’s Little Girls” and “Madea Goes to Jail”. Their portrayal of a loving and funny couple earned them several awards and nominations, including NAACP Image Awards and BET Comedy Awards. According to Cassi, working with LaVan was a blessing, as he was supportive, respectful, and professional.

The Marriage Rumors

Despite their close friendship and collaboration, Cassi and LaVan are not married in real life. The rumors started when they were interviewed by the co-host of “You and Me This Morning” in 2011. When asked if they were married, Cassi said “no”, while LaVan joked saying “maybe”. This confused some fans who thought they were confirming their relationship. However, Cassi later clarified that they were only playing along with the interviewer’s assumption.

Cassi also revealed that she was already married to her high school sweetheart, Kerry Patton. The couple tied the knot in 2017, after dating for over 30 years. They met in third grade, but Cassi said she had been in love with him since sixth grade. Kerry is a retired educator who supports Cassi’s career and health issues. Cassi and Kerry don’t have children, but they have a happy and stable marriage.

LaVan, on the other hand, has kept his love life private. He has not publicly disclosed if he is married, dating, or single. He seems to focus more on his career and his faith. He is also a singer and songwriter who has released several gospel albums.

The Conclusion

Cassi Davis and LaVan Davis are not related by blood or marriage. They are good friends and co-stars who have worked together for many years. They have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, but they are not romantically involved. They are both happy with their own lives and partners.

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