Is Carolyn Fe Related to Joshua Dela Cruz? The Truth Behind the Blue’s Clues Connection

If you are a fan of the popular children’s show Blue’s Clues & You, you might have wondered if the host Joshua Dela Cruz is related to another Filipino-Canadian actor and singer, Carolyn Fe. They both have the same last name, and they both have appeared in various musicals and TV shows. But are they really family? The answer is no, they are not related by blood or marriage. Here is why.

Who is Joshua Dela Cruz?

Joshua Dela Cruz is a Filipino-American actor, dancer, musician, and singer. He was born in the United Arab Emirates and moved to New Jersey when he was in the first grade. He graduated from Montclair State University in 2011 and pursued a career in theater. He performed in several Broadway and off-Broadway productions, such as Aladdin, Here Lies Love, The King and I, and Merrily We Roll Along

In 2018, he was chosen to be the host of Blue’s Clues & You, a reboot of the classic Nickelodeon show Blue’s Clues. He plays a fictional version of himself as the third main host of the franchise, after Steve Burns and Donovan Patton, who are his cousins in the show. He is also the first Asian-American to host Blue’s Clues, and he grew up watching the original series with his younger sister

He is married to Amanda Dela Cruz, whom he met at Montclair State University. He proposed to her in 2015 with a dance duet in Central Park

Who is Carolyn Fe?

Carolyn Fe is a Filipina singer and actress based in Montreal. She was born in Quezon City, Philippines and emigrated to Canada with her family when she was eight years old. She formed her own theater company, Altera Vitae, in 2007 and directed several plays. She also launched her music career with the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, a band that has released three full-length albums and an EP

She has appeared in various films and TV shows, such as Mother!, Alice Darling, The Scorpio Factor, Brad’s Status, Condor, Meilleur Avant, and The Tiny Chef Show. She is also known for her roles in theater productions, such as Death and the Maiden, Marg Szkabula (Pissy’s Wife), Sylvia, Calpurnia, Through the Bamboo, Hilot Means Healer, Three Women of Swatow, and Uncle Vanya. She won the Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Calpurnia in 2018

Despite sharing the same last name and ethnicity, Joshua Dela Cruz and Carolyn Fe are not related by blood or marriage. They have never worked together or met each other in person. They have different backgrounds and careers, and they live in different countries.

The reason why they have the same last name is because Dela Cruz is a very common surname among Filipinos. It is derived from the Spanish phrase “de la Cruz”, which means “of the cross”. It was given to many Filipinos during the Spanish colonial period as a way of Christianizing them. According to a 2010 census report by the Philippine Statistics Authority, Dela Cruz is the second most common surname in the Philippines, with more than 1.6 million people bearing it

Therefore, having the same last name does not necessarily mean that two people are related. There are many other famous people with the surname Dela Cruz who are not related to each other either, such as:

  • Angelica Panganiban-Dela Cruz: a Filipino actress and comedian.
  • John Lloyd Espidol-Cruz: a Filipino actor and model.
  • Jericho Rosales-Dela Cruz: a Filipino actor and singer.
  • Sheryl Rose Anna Marie Sonora-Dela Cruz: a Filipino actress and singer.
  • Paolo Ballesteros-Dela Cruz: a Filipino actor and TV host.


Joshua Dela Cruz and Carolyn Fe are both talented and successful Filipino artists who have made their mark in different fields of entertainment. However, they are not related by blood or marriage. They just happen to have the same last name because it is very common among Filipinos. They are both proud of their heritage and culture, but they are also unique individuals with their own stories and achievements.

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