Is Calvin Richardson related to Fantasia? The surprising truth about their family ties

Fantasia Barrino is a Grammy-winning R&B singer who rose to fame after winning the third season of American Idol in 2004. She is known for her powerful vocals and emotional delivery, as well as her personal struggles and triumphs. But did you know that she is also related to some other famous singers in the music industry?

Fantasia’s musical cousins

Fantasia comes from a family of singers and musicians, and she has several cousins who have made their mark in the R&B scene. According to The List, some of her notable relatives are:

  • K-Ci and JoJo: They are members of the ’90s R&B group Jodeci, which had hits like “Come & Talk To Me” and “Freek’N You”. They also had a successful career as a duo, with songs like “All My Life” and “Tell Me It’s Real”.
  • David Hollister: He was a member of the R&B group Blackstreet, which is known for their hit songs “No Diggity” and “Don’t Leave Me”. He also had a solo career, with albums like Chicago ’85… The Movie and The MANuscript.
  • Stephanie Mills: She is a legendary soul singer who started her career as a child star on Broadway, playing Dorothy in The Wiz. She later had a string of hits in the ’70s and ’80s, such as “Never Knew Love Like This Before” and “Home”.
  • Ricco Barrino: He is a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with artists like T.I., Young Dro, and his sister Fantasia. He also released his own album, Twenty 12 Play, in 2012.
  • Calvin Richardson: He is an R&B and soul singer-songwriter who has released several albums, such as Country Boy, 2:35 PM, and Gold Dust. He has also been nominated for two Grammy Awards, one for his tribute album to Bobby Womack, Facts Of Life: The Soul Of Bobby Womack, and another for co-writing Charlie Wilson’s song “There Goes My Baby”.

According to Wikipedia, Fantasia’s father, Joseph Barrino, is the brother of K-Ci and JoJo’s father, Julius Hailey. This makes Fantasia and the Hailey brothers first cousins. David Hollister is also a first cousin of Fantasia, as he is the son of Joseph Barrino’s sister.

Stephanie Mills is a more distant relative of Fantasia, as she is the cousin of Joseph Barrino’s mother. This makes her a second cousin once removed of Fantasia. Ricco Barrino is Fantasia’s younger brother, as they share the same parents.

Calvin Richardson is also a cousin of Fantasia, but the exact degree of their relationship is unclear. According to LiveAbout, he is related to both the Barrino and the Hailey families. However, he has not revealed how he is connected to them.

What do they think of each other?

Fantasia has expressed her love and admiration for her musical cousins on several occasions. She has performed with K-Ci and JoJo on stage, and she has praised Stephanie Mills as one of her influences. She has also collaborated with Ricco Barrino on some of her songs, such as “Lose To Win” and “Ain’t Gone Beg You”.

Calvin Richardson has also shown his respect for his cousin Fantasia. In an interview with Soul Train, he said that he was proud of her achievements and that he was inspired by her perseverance. He also said that he would love to work with her in the future.

Fantasia and Calvin Richardson are both talented singers who share a family bond and a passion for music. They may not be very close or well-known to each other, but they have a mutual appreciation for each other’s artistry. They are proof that music runs in their blood.

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