Is Bruno Mars Related to Dwayne Johnson? The Truth Behind the Viral Photo

Bruno Mars and Dwayne Johnson are two of the most successful and popular celebrities in the world. They have both achieved fame and fortune in their respective fields of music and movies. But are they also related by blood? A viral photo that has been circulating on social media for years suggests that they might be.

The Photo That Started It All

The photo in question is a headshot of Dwayne Johnson from his early days as a wrestler, but with Bruno Mars’ signature curly hair photoshopped on it. The result is a striking resemblance between the two stars, who both have Hawaiian and Filipino ancestry. The photo was first posted by Bruno Mars himself on Twitter in 2014, with the caption “Feelin real good bout these new head shots I got at the mall today”. The Rock replied to the tweet, saying “Our good looks run in our family”, implying that they were cousins or brothers.

The photo has since been shared and liked by millions of fans, who have been wondering if there is any truth to the joke. Some have even made posters and signs with the photo, hoping to catch the attention of Bruno Mars at his concerts.

The Truth About Their Relationship

So, are Bruno Mars and Dwayne Johnson really related? The short answer is no. They are not biologically related, nor do they share any common ancestors. They are simply two celebrities who happen to look alike and have similar ethnic backgrounds.

According to Celeb Answers, Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez in Hawaii, to a Puerto Rican father and a Filipino mother. His father gave him the nickname Bruno as a child, because he reminded him of a wrestler named Bruno Sammartino. He later added the surname Mars to avoid being typecast as a Latin singer.

Dwayne Johnson was also born in Hawaii, to a Canadian father and a Samoan mother. His father was a wrestler in the WWE, and his grandfather was a high chief in Samoa. He followed his father’s footsteps and became a wrestler himself, using the stage name The Rock. He later transitioned to acting and became one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood.

The Friendship Between the Two Stars

Despite not being related, Bruno Mars and Dwayne Johnson have a friendly relationship and often joke with each other on social media. They have also expressed their admiration and respect for each other’s work and achievements.

In 2019, Bruno Mars tweeted a video of his new song “BLOW” with Chris Stapleton, and tagged Dwayne Johnson, saying “Check out Ed Sheeran’s new song “BLOW” with Chris Stapleton and me. Available everywhere”. The Rock replied, saying “You’re welcome brother” and praised the song as “bad ass”.

In 2020, Dwayne Johnson shared a video of himself singing along to Bruno Mars’ hit song “Perm” while working out at his gym. He said that he loved the song and that it always made him smile. He also called Bruno Mars “my lil’ brotha from anotha motha”.

In 2022, Bruno Mars posted a photo of a fan holding a poster with the viral headshot at his concert in Bahrain. He said that he would now be joining his younger brother Dwayne Johnson on his tour. The Rock responded, saying that he was looking forward to it and that they would rock the world together.


Bruno Mars and Dwayne Johnson are not related by blood, but they are connected by their similar looks, ethnic backgrounds, sense of humor, and mutual admiration. They are both talented and successful artists who have entertained millions of fans around the world. They are also good friends who support each other and have fun together. They may not be brothers, but they are certainly brothers in spirit.

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