Is Bill Lutz Related to Jeff Lutz? The Truth About the Street Outlaws Stars

If you are a fan of street racing and drag racing, you might have heard of Bill Lutz and Jeff Lutz. These two racers have made a name for themselves in the world of fast cars and high stakes. But are they related? Many fans have wondered if they share a family bond or just a passion for speed. Here is what we know about the relationship between Bill Lutz and Jeff Lutz.

Who is Bill Lutz?

Bill Lutz is a veteran drag racer who has been competing since the 1970s. He is the owner and founder of Lutz Electrical Contracting, LP, a company that provides electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. According to his website, he is a master electrician who is involved in every phase of his projects and is known for his problem-solving skills and can-do attitude.

Bill Lutz is also a prominent figure in the drag racing scene. He has raced in various events and series, such as the NMCA, NMRA, ADRL, PDRA, and Outlaw 10.5. He is best known for driving his 1969 Camaro, which he nicknamed “The Beast”. The car is powered by a twin-turbocharged 526 cubic inch Hemi engine that can produce over 3,000 horsepower. Bill Lutz has won several championships and awards with his Camaro, such as the NMCA Pro Street Championship in 2010 and 2011, the NMCA Pro Mod Championship in 2012, and the NMCA Driver of the Year Award in 2011.

Who is Jeff Lutz?

Jeff Lutz is another famous drag racer who has been featured on several TV shows, such as Street Outlaws, Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, and Drag Week. He is the owner of Lutz Race Cars, a company that builds and tunes custom drag cars for clients. According to his website, he has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has built some of the fastest cars in the world.

Jeff Lutz is also known for driving his own creations on the track. He has raced with several cars, such as his 1957 Chevy Bel Air, which he nicknamed “The Evil Twin”, his 1969 Camaro, which he nicknamed “Mad Max”, and his 1972 Duster, which he nicknamed “The Mistress”. All of these cars are equipped with massive engines that can generate over 3,000 horsepower as well. Jeff Lutz has participated in many events and series, such as the NHRA Pro Mod Series, the No Prep Kings Series, and the Drag Week Series. He has won several titles and trophies with his cars, such as the Drag Week Unlimited Class Champion in 2014 and 2016, the No Prep Kings Season 3 Champion in 2019, and the No Prep Kings Season 4 Runner-Up in 2020.

Despite sharing the same last name and similar interests in drag racing, Bill Lutz and Jeff Lutz are not related by blood or marriage. They are simply friends and fellow racers who respect each other’s skills and achievements. They have raced against each other on several occasions, such as in the NMCA Finals in 2012, where Bill Lutz beat Jeff Lutz by a narrow margin of 0.03 seconds. They have also collaborated on some projects, such as building a car for Justin Swanstrom, another drag racer who competes in the No Prep Kings Series.

Bill Lutz and Jeff Lutz are both legends in their own right. They have proven themselves to be among the best drag racers in the world with their impressive cars and records. They have also inspired many fans and aspiring racers with their passion and dedication to their craft. They may not be related by blood or marriage, but they are certainly related by spirit.

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