Is Avery Cyrus Related to Miley Cyrus? The Truth Behind the TikTok Star’s Last Name

Avery Cyrus is one of the most popular LGBTQ+ creators on TikTok, with almost 8 million followers. She is known for her fun and original content, such as lip-sync videos, arts and crafts projects, and relationship updates. She recently confirmed that she is dating JoJo Siwa, another famous TikTok star and former Dance Moms alum.

But many people are wondering if Avery Cyrus has any connection to Miley Cyrus, the singer and actress who rose to fame as Hannah Montana. Is Avery Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus? Here is the truth behind the TikTok star’s last name.

Despite what her social media accounts might suggest, Avery Cyrus is not related to Miley Cyrus at all. In fact, Avery’s real last name is Blanchard, not Cyrus. She chose to use Cyrus as her stage name, but she has no family ties to the Cyrus clan.

According to Distractify, Cyrus is a common last name in the entertainment industry, so it is not surprising that some people might assume that Avery and Miley are related. However, Avery has built her own following and fan base without any help from the Cyrus family.

Avery Cyrus is a fan of Miley Cyrus

Although she is not related to Miley, Avery has admitted to being a fan of the singer. In a TikTok video uploaded in May 2022, Avery listed five people she had a crush on, and Miley was number five on her list.

Avery also posted a video in August 2022 where she lip-synced to Miley’s song “We Can’t Stop” while wearing a similar outfit to the one Miley wore in the music video. She captioned the video “Miley vibes”.

Miley Cyrus has other relatives in the entertainment industry

While Avery Cyrus is not one of them, Miley Cyrus does have other relatives who are involved in the entertainment industry. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a famous country singer who also starred alongside her in Hannah Montana. He also collaborated with Lil Nas X on the hit song “Old Town Road”.

Miley’s younger sister, Noah Cyrus, is also a singer who has released several songs since 2015. Some of her songs include “Make Me (Cry)”, “July”, and “All Three”. Noah has also been open about her struggles with mental health and anxiety.

Miley also has other siblings who are less known to the public, such as Trace Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, and Christopher Cody Cyrus. They are all half-siblings or step-siblings of Miley from her parents’ previous or current marriages.

Avery Cyrus and JoJo Siwa are dating

Avery Cyrus and JoJo Siwa made their relationship official on TikTok in September 2022. They posted a video of them kissing in a photo booth that turned their portraits into sketches. JoJo captioned the video “Happiest girl”.

The romance came after JoJo broke up with her previous girlfriend Kylie Prew twice. They started dating in early 2021 but split for the first time in November that year. They rekindled their relationship at Disney World in May 2022 before breaking up for good.

Avery and JoJo have been posting cute videos of them together on TikTok ever since they confirmed their relationship. They seem very happy and supportive of each other.

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