Is Audrey Bradshaw Related to Terry Bradshaw? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Terry Bradshaw is a legendary NFL quarterback, a four-time Super Bowl champion, a Hall of Famer, and a TV personality. He is also a proud father of three daughters: Rachel, Erin, and Lacey. But is he also related to Audrey Bradshaw, the executive producer and co-host of the fishing show “North to Alaska” with Larry Csonka? The answer is no.

Who is Audrey Bradshaw?

Audrey Bradshaw is a native of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She grew up with a love of the outdoors and fishing, thanks to her family. She started her career in television as a production assistant for ESPN in 1992. She later worked as a producer for various sports shows, including “The NFL Today”, “NBA on NBC”, and “NASCAR on Fox”. She also produced documentaries and specials for HBO, Showtime, and Discovery Channel.

In 2004, she joined Larry Csonka, the former Miami Dolphins running back and Hall of Famer, as the executive producer and co-host of “North to Alaska”, a fishing and adventure show that airs on NBC Sports Network. Audrey and Larry have been married since 2010.

Who are Terry Bradshaw’s daughters?

Terry Bradshaw has two biological daughters from his third marriage to Charla Hopkins, a family attorney. They are Rachel and Erin Bradshaw. Rachel is a country singer-songwriter who was married to Rob Bironas, a former Tennessee Titans kicker who died in a car accident in 2014. Erin is a world champion equestrian who is married to Scott Weiss, a Houston-based attorney.

Terry also has a stepdaughter, Lacey, from his fourth and current marriage to Tammy Bradshaw. Lacey is the daughter of Tammy and her ex-husband, David Luttrull. Lacey is a fashion designer who is married to Noah Hester, an entrepreneur.

There are several possible reasons why some people might think Audrey Bradshaw is related to Terry Bradshaw. One is that they share the same last name, which is not uncommon but also not conclusive. Another is that they both have connections to the NFL, as Audrey is married to Larry Csonka and Terry played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A third reason is that they both appear on TV shows that involve fishing and outdoor activities, as Audrey co-hosts “North to Alaska” and Terry stars in “The Bradshaw Bunch”, a reality show that follows his family’s life in rural Oklahoma.

However, none of these reasons are enough to establish a familial relationship between Audrey and Terry. According to their biographies and public records, they have no blood or marital ties. They are simply two people who happen to have similar interests and careers.


Audrey Bradshaw is not related to Terry Bradshaw by blood or marriage. They are both successful TV personalities who have ties to the NFL and enjoy fishing and outdoor adventures, but they come from different families and backgrounds. The rumors about their relationship are unfounded and based on superficial similarities.

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