Is Asta Related to Licht? The Truth Behind the Black Clover Protagonist

Asta is the main protagonist of the Black Clover series, a shonen manga and anime that follows his adventures as a magic knight in the Clover Kingdom. Asta is unique among his peers for having no magic at all, but instead wielding a mysterious five-leaf clover grimoire that contains anti-magic swords.

Many fans have speculated about Asta’s origins and whether he has any connection to Licht, the leader of the Elf Tribe and the original owner of the grimoire. Is Asta related to Licht by blood or by fate? Let’s find out!

Asta’s Grimoire and Licht’s Connection

Asta’s grimoire is one of the most mysterious and powerful objects in the Black Clover world. It originally belonged to Licht, who was the leader of the Elf Tribe and one of the ten Apostles of Sephirah. Licht had a four-leaf clover grimoire, which symbolized good luck and faith, and he used it to wield Sword Magic.

However, after the Massacre of the Elf Tribe, which was orchestrated by a devil named Zagred, Licht fell into despair and turned himself into a dark elf. His grimoire became corrupted by his negative emotions and turned into a five-leaf clover grimoire, which symbolized despair and attracted devils.

Licht’s grimoire was then sealed away by Secre Swallowtail, Licht’s loyal servant and friend, who used her Sealing Magic to prevent Zagred from taking it. Secre also sealed herself and Licht’s body in a separate location, hoping that one day they would be revived.

Centuries later, Asta was born in the Clover Kingdom as a human boy with no magic at all. He was left at the Hage Village orphanage by his mother, Lichita, who had a curse that drained the life force of anyone who touched her. Asta inherited this curse, which also prevented him from absorbing any mana from his surroundings.

When Asta turned 15, he participated in the grimoire acceptance ceremony, where he hoped to receive a grimoire of his own. However, he was mocked by everyone for having no magic and was rejected by the grimoire tower. Later, when he tried to save his friend Yuno from a thief who stole his four-leaf clover grimoire, Asta’s determination summoned Licht’s grimoire to him. Asta became the new owner of the five-leaf clover grimoire and gained access to its anti-magic swords.

Asta’s grimoire also contained a devil named Liebe, who was sealed inside it by Lichita after she found him injured in the forest. Liebe had no magic either, but he could use anti-magic to negate any other magic. He formed a contract with Asta, allowing him to lend his anti-magic power to Asta in exchange for his body.

Asta and Liebe eventually became friends and partners, sharing their power and will. They also learned that they were both connected to Lichita, who was Asta’s biological mother and Liebe’s adoptive mother.

Is Asta Related to Licht by Blood?

Many fans have wondered if Asta is related to Licht by blood, since he inherited his grimoire and has some physical resemblance to him. However, there is no evidence to support this theory so far.

According to the Queen of the Witches, who healed Asta’s arm after he fought with Vetto, an elf reincarnated in a human body, Asta is not from the elf tribe but is just connected to Licht through his grimoire. The Queen surmised that Asta probably has a mutation that makes him mana less and gives him the ability to use anti-magic.

Asta’s origins remain a mystery, as he was left at the Hage Village orphanage by Lichita shortly after he was born. He spent his early years growing up there with the other children serving as his family. Due to this, Asta does not have a last name, and we have not been made privy to Lichita’s either.

Licht was married to Tetia, a human princess and sister of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the first Wizard King. Tetia was pregnant with twins when she was killed during the Massacre of the Elf Tribe. However, it was later revealed that one of her children survived and was reincarnated as Yuno .

Yuno is Asta’s rival and best friend since childhood. He also received a four-leaf clover grimoire at the same time as Asta, and later awakened his elf heritage as one of the Apostles of Sephirah. Yuno is the reincarnation of Licht and Tetia’s son, and he inherited Licht’s wind magic and Tetia’s wind spirit, Sylph .

Therefore, Asta and Yuno are not related by blood, but by fate. They are both connected to Licht in different ways, and they both share the same dream of becoming the Wizard King.

Is Asta Related to Licht by Fate?

Asta and Licht have a complex and mysterious relationship that goes beyond blood ties. They are both connected by their grimoire, their swords, their devils, and their destiny.

Asta inherited Licht’s grimoire after it became a five-leaf clover grimoire. He also inherited three of Licht’s swords: the Demon-Slayer Sword, the Demon-Dweller Sword, and the Demon-Destroyer Sword. These swords were originally created by Licht using his Sword Magic, but they became infused with anti-magic after his grimoire was corrupted. Asta can use these swords to cut, absorb, and reflect any magic, as well as to fly and sense ki.

Licht also had a fourth sword, the Demon-Slasher Katana, which he used to turn himself into a demon. This sword was taken by Patolli, an elf who was reincarnated in William Vangeance’s body and who pretended to be Licht as the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Patolli used this sword to perform the Reincarnation Magic that revived the souls of the elves in the bodies of the humans.

Asta later obtained this sword from Patolli after he defeated him in a battle. Asta can use this sword to cut through spatial magic and to channel his black form, which covers his body with anti-magic.

Asta and Licht also share a connection with their devils. Asta’s devil, Liebe, was originally a low-ranking devil who was born in the underworld without any magic. He was summoned to the human world by Zagred, who wanted to use him as a sacrifice to open the gate to the underworld. However, Liebe escaped and was found by Lichita, who took him in as her son.

Licht’s devil, Zagred, was a high-ranking devil who orchestrated the Massacre of the Elf Tribe by manipulating Patolli and using his Word Soul Magic to control the humans. He wanted to use Licht’s grimoire and swords to open the gate to the underworld and unleash more devils into the world.

Zagred was the one who corrupted Licht’s grimoire and turned it into a five-leaf clover grimoire. He also tried to take over Asta’s body by using his Word Soul Magic on his grimoire. However, he was defeated by Asta and Yuno, who teamed up with Licht and Lemiel to stop him.

Asta and Licht also share a connection with their destiny. They are both chosen by fate to wield the five-leaf clover grimoire and to fight against the devils that threaten the world. They are both guided by their will and determination to protect their friends and loved ones. They are both respected and admired by their peers for their courage and strength.

Asta and Licht have met several times throughout the series, but they have not had much interaction or conversation. However, they have shown mutual respect and recognition for each other’s power and character.

When Asta first met Licht in his artificial body , he sensed his immense mana and felt intimidated by him . However, he also felt a connection with him through their swords . Asta tried to talk to Licht, but he did not respond .

When Asta met Licht again in his original body , he recognized him as the true owner of his grimoire . He also felt sorry for him for losing his family and friends . Asta fought against Licht when he was enraged by seeing two of his comrades defeated , but he also tried to understand him and calm him down .

When Asta met Licht for the last time in his demon form , he realized that he was not evil but just suffering . He also thanked him for lending him his swords . Asta joined forces with Yuno, Lemiel, Secre, Patolli, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana to defeat Zagred and save Licht .

After Zagred was defeated, Asta witnessed Licht’s farewell with his friends . He also saw him reunite with Tetia’s spirit . Asta smiled at them and wished them happiness .

Asta returned Licht’s grimoire and swords to him as a sign of gratitude and respect . However, Licht told him to keep them as they were now his own [

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