Is Ashley Kutcher Related to Ashton Kutcher? The Truth Behind the Rumor

There is a rumor circulating on the internet that Ashley Kutcher, a fashion student who was brutally murdered in 2001, was related to Ashton Kutcher, the famous actor and entrepreneur. Some people claim that Ashley was Ashton’s sister, cousin, or even his ex-girlfriend. But is there any truth to this rumor? Let’s find out.

Who was Ashley Kutcher?

Ashley Kutcher was not related to Ashton Kutcher by blood or marriage. She was a 22-year-old fashion student from north California who attended the LA’s Fashion Institute of Design of Merchandising in the fall of 2000. She met Ashton Kutcher in December 2000 through mutual friends and they reportedly started a casual relationship in February 2001, according to The Sun.

How did Ashley Kutcher die?

Ashley Kutcher was stabbed 47 times in her apartment on February 21, 2001, by a serial killer named Michael Gargiulo, who was nicknamed the “Hollywood Ripper”. Gargiulo had been stalking Ashley and had started showing up to her apartment unannounced offering to fix things around the house, as reported by The Sun.

On the night of her murder, Ashley had plans to go to a post-Grammys party with Ashton Kutcher, who called her at 8:24 p.m. to confirm. However, when he arrived at her place around 10:45 p.m., he saw that the lights were on but no one answered the door. He looked through a window and saw what he thought was red wine spilled on the carpet. He assumed that Ashley had gone out with someone else and left.

Ashton Kutcher later learned that the red stain he saw was actually blood and that Ashley had been killed hours before he arrived. He testified as a witness in Gargiulo’s trial in 2019 and said he felt “freaked out” and “in shock” when he found out what had happened. He also said he was worried that he might be a suspect because he had left his fingerprints on the door knob.

What happened to Ashley Kutcher’s killer?

Michael Gargiulo was arrested in 2008 after DNA evidence linked him to Ashley’s murder and two other killings of young women in California and Illinois. He was also accused of attempting to murder another woman in 2008, who survived and testified against him. Gargiulo pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and claimed he had a dissociative identity disorder.

In 2019, after a lengthy trial, Gargiulo was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of attempted escape. He was also found sane by the jury, rejecting his insanity defense. In 2020, he was sentenced to death by a judge, who called him “the worst of the worst” and “an evil human being”. Gargiulo is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison.


Ashley Kutcher was not related to Ashton Kutcher in any way. She was a young woman who had a brief romance with the actor before she was tragically killed by a serial killer. Her death shocked and saddened many people, including Ashton Kutcher, who cooperated with the police and testified in court. The rumor that they were related is false and disrespectful to both of them and their families..

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