Is Anthony Santos Related to Romeo Santos? The Truth About the Bachata Stars

Bachata is a popular genre of Latin music that originated in the Dominican Republic and has spread all over the world. Two of the most famous bachata singers are Anthony Santos and Romeo Santos, who have both achieved success as solo artists and as members of influential groups. But are they related by blood or just by music? Here is what we found out.

Anthony Santos: The Pioneer of Modern Bachata

Anthony Santos, also known as El Mayimbe or El Bachatú, was born on May 5, 1967, in Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Monte Cristi Province, Dominican Republic. He grew up in a poor family and started his musical career as a güira player for another bachatero, Luis Vargas, in the late 1980s. He left Vargas’ group and launched his solo career in 1991, with the release of his debut album La Chupadera, which included the hit single “Voy Pa’llá”. He became the first rural bachatero to reach a mainstream audience with his innovative style of bachata, which incorporated romantic lyrics, poppy guitar licks, and new instruments such as piano and saxophone. He also mixed bachata with other genres such as merengue, salsa, and bolero.

Anthony Santos has released more than 30 albums and has sold over 20 million records worldwide. He is considered one of the pioneers and legends of modern bachata, and has influenced many other artists in the genre. Some of his most famous songs are “Por Mi Timidez”, “No Te Puedo Olvidar”, “Me Quiero Morir”, “Lloro”, “Solo Te Amo”, “Se Acabó El Abuso”, among others.

Romeo Santos: The King of Bachata

Romeo Santos, whose real name is Anthony Santos, was born on July 21, 1981, in The Bronx, New York City, to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother. He grew up listening to Latin music genres such as salsa, merengue, and bachata, and started singing in a church choir at a young age. He formed his first group, Los Tinellers, with his cousin Henry Santos and his friends Lenny Santos and Max Santos in 1994. They later changed their name to Aventura and signed with Premium Latin Music in 1998. They released their debut album Generation Next in 1999, but their breakthrough came in 2002 with the song “Obsesión”, which topped the charts in many countries in Europe and Latin America. Aventura became one of the most successful bachata groups of all time, blending traditional bachata with elements of hip hop, R&B, pop, and rock. They released five studio albums and several hit singles such as “Cuando Volverás”, “Un Beso”, “Amor de Madre”, “Los Infieles”, “El Perdedor”, “Por Un Segundo”, “Dile Al Amor”, and many others. They also performed for President Barack Obama at the White House in 2009.

Romeo Santos embarked on a solo career in 2011, after Aventura announced their separation. He released his debut album Formula Vol. 1 in 2011, which included collaborations with artists such as Usher, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Mario Domm, and Tomatito. The album spawned seven number one songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA. He followed up with Formula Vol. 2 in 2014, which featured guest appearances by Drake, Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, Tego Calderón, and Kevin Hart. The album broke the record for the most number one songs from an album on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart and was certified diamond by the RIAA. He also made history by becoming the first Latin artist to headline two sold-out concerts at Yankee Stadium in 2014. He reunited with Aventura for a series of concerts at the United Palace Theater in New York City in 2016. He released his third solo album Golden in 2017, which included collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Julio Iglesias, Jessie Reyez, and Juan Luis Guerra. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA. He also starred in the film Furious 7 in 2015 and voiced Early Bird in The Angry Birds Movie in 2016.

Romeo Santos has sold over 40 million albums and over 100 million singles worldwide. He is widely regarded as the King of Bachata and one of the most influential Latin artists of his generation. He has won numerous awards and accolades, including 17 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 9 Premio Lo Nuestro, 6 ASCAP Awards, 5 Latin Grammy Awards, 3 American Music Awards, and 2 MTV Video Music Awards.

Based on the information we gathered from various sources, we can conclude that Anthony Santos and Romeo Santos are not related by blood. They share the same last name and the same passion for bachata, but they come from different backgrounds and have different styles of music. However, they do have a family connection through Henry Santos, who is Romeo’s cousin and Anthony’s former güira player. Henry Santos is also a bachata singer and songwriter, who was part of Aventura and later pursued a solo career.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Is Anthony Santos related to Romeo Santos?” is no, they are not related by blood, but yes, they are related by music and by Henry Santos.

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