Is A$AP Rocky DUMPING Rihanna for CHEATING on Him, Rumor Explained

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have been dating for almost a year now. A$AP Rockey confirmed this in the interview with GQ and where he called Rihanna The One. He told GQ that you feel like you have been with so many persons and then you be with one person that amounts to all those persons he told GQ.

A$AP Rockey and Rihanna have been for over a decade now and while they occasionally used to do favours for each other and use to attend events together even but this became more clear when they both went to an award show together and rumours started to appear that the couple has been dating the whole time.

Rihanna is a huge pop star and has fans all over the world and it’s not new for her to have rumours about her but before we tell you why we possibly think that A$AP Rocky is Dumping Rihana for cheating him.

A few weeks back Rihanna was in rumours that she is pregnant with A$AP Rocky child because she was wearing an orange dress in an award show and she was seen with A$AP Rocky and her dress which was open to think and make her fans believe that she is pregnant with the A$AP Rocky child.

But Rihana cleared this for once for all when A$AP Rocky DMed her and asked her about her pregnancy. Rihanna said that there was No chance of her being pregnant right now and her Fan asked her if she could come to her baby shower and Rihanna told her that” she was not there for last 10 showers joking and told like every year they want to see her pregnant .”

But Rihana also told in an Interview that she love to be a mother and by the age, she is 42 she would have 4 kids and if that is not possible she would love to have kids anyway. She also told that society has made it such a norm that a woman can have children without a father, Society sees that woman differently.

But right now In November end rumours started to spread around that A$AP rocky might be dumping Rihanna because she is been cheating on him the whole time with somebody. And we are here to explain those rumours.

So far neither A$AP Rocky nor Rihana has been seen apart from each other there are still spending time with each other and can be seen hanging out with each enjoying the talks and conversation and laughing around each other.

Their relationship is still new to them but they pretty well know each other and even have worked with each other in the last decade in several campaigns and music videos.

While Rihana has had Many relationships and even many songs even about her from Drake but never in once her life she has been called a cheater she is a born singer and has always been known to make people think harder than should when people leave her.

Lastly, she told that she might release a song in 2021.


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