Ireland Baldwin EXTENDS her LOVE to her dad Alec Baldwin following the “Rust” film set shooting incident


Alec Baldwin Accidentally shot the director of the film ‘Rust’ after the dummy gun he had in his hand discharged abruptly during the time of filming on Thursday.

The love of Ireland Baldwin flows restlessly for her father Alec Baldwin as he continues to deal with the online intimidations and hateful comments in the context of the tragic accident at the set during the shooting of the ‘Rust’ film. Ireland posted her opinion on Instagram on Wednesday by sharing a screenshot of a comment made by a fan. She went through the memories of her dad and how he welcomed her on the sets of filming in her childhood.

What Others Are Saying Regarding This Tragic Accident

In her post on Instagram, Ireland Baldwin presented a comment made by a fan who recollected their memories of working at an industry that did produce the movie ‘Thomas and the Magic Railroad’ of Alec Baldwin. That fan mentioned that Alec requested only one simple thing at that time: to have milk and cereal in his room of the hotel for the times his daughter would come to his workplace, at the set. “That was it. That was the whole rider, I’ll always remember that.” The fan concluded with his soothing words.

After she posted the exact screenshot of that comment, the 26-year-old model expressed her gratitude towards her father for her sweet memories with him.

What Is The Reaction Of Ireland Baldwin Regarding The Comments Of Others

She wrote in her post on Instagram regarding the hatred and threats she and her father are receiving that, among all the comments full of hatred and threats, loathsome emails, abhorrent text messages, and contemptible voicemails, this one single comment stands out alone, beautifully.
She also made it very clear to those who have been spreading hate comments on her social media about the unfortunate incident, that she is beside her dad. She wrote “I know my dad, you simply don’t. I love you, dad.”

The post of Ireland Baldwin comes after five days since she disclosed on social media that reporters had been contacting her and reaching out to her restlessly and asking her to make comments on his father’s involvement in the tragic incident in the set of the film “Rust”. In an obsolete post on her Instagram Stories, she revealed a message from an anonymous freelancing journalist, calling it insulting and indifferent (“despicable and insensitive”).

What Did Ireland Say To The Family Of The Victim?

She posted at that time, addressing those who have been giving her number to the journalists, to stop and not to contact her again. She sent her sincerest love and support to the family and friends of Halyna Hutchins. She also sent her condolences and healing words to Joel Souza. “I wish I could hug my dad extra tight today.” She concluded.

The process of investigation regarding this unfortunate accident is currently underway. The investigators are looking into the matter if it was originally an accident or not.

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