Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 To Launch Soon; Will The Story Continue?


We weebs have a vast taste of genres for anime. Some like Shonen (for those who are into the power of friendship n all), some like Isekai (for those who are fed up IRL and wanna start afresh, but actually can’t), some like Comedy etcetera. One of the most popular genres among all these varieties is the Ecchi genre. For those who don’t know what this is, there are some similarities between Ecchi and Hentai (You should know what hentai is) and there is also a borderline between ecchi and hentai. But some legendary creators get too existed that their anime crosses the border and to satisfy (lonely) fans they offer fan(Booba)service. The anime we’re gonna talk about is one of the kinds in the ecchi universe. “Ishuzoku Reviewers” or “Interspecies Reviewers” is not only popular for its fan service but also for its interesting plot. If you thought so far that all ecchi are douche except High School DxD, you should try this one. As it’s been a while that season 1 has finished airing, let’s talk about Interspecies Reviewers Sequel.

What Is This Anime About?

So… what’s this anime about? If you really don’t wanna just go ahead and watch it without any intro, here’s one for you.
uncountable varieties of species, from bouncy fairies to juicy slimes, live in the world. Obviously, such a fine mixture of creatures has the broad and catching qualities of brothels which offer you so many choices to take, kinda tough to finalize which succu-girl to have an arousing but yet socializing experience.

Luckily, a small group of daring warriors decides to take the big step and illuminate the rest of the people. These pervy travelers make it their mission to research the affinity of every kind of succu-girls through real-life experiences. Is it the fiery hot salamanders or the hu(moo)ngous cow-girls, the all-we-want reviewers exclude no species out.

Well… sounds kinda pervy right? Those who are familiar with manga will know what kind of perviness awaits in Interspecies Reviewers Sequel.

Expected Date Of Release For Interspecies Reviewers Sequel

The first season of “Interspecies Reviewers” started airing on 11th January 2020 and it finished airing on 28th March 2020 with a total of 12 solid episodes. Based on Amahara’s ecchi manga of the same name, it was visualized by Masha. Up till now, the path for ‘Interspecies Reviewers’ has been full of controversies. Funimation was the first to license ‘Interspecies Reviewers’ and 3 episodes were also simulcasted on the platform with English subs. However, the show was removed by Funimation later, claiming that it “fell off their standards.”

After this, the rest was history. Fans were like “You dare? To speak to me in that manner?” and mass voted the anime on universal anime information platform MyAnimeList making the 2nd highest-rated anime just after “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (please don’t bother comparing FFS, as it’s not even closer currently). So not to make it obvious but the fandom of ecchi anime is extremely excessive from all aspects. But as per global controversies, the Japanese producers and the USA streaming giants have put it in halt, so it’s kinda tough to talk about any approximate release date for Interspecies Reviewers Sequel. But as there’s a lot of manga materials left; we can certainly expect Interspecies Reviewers Sequel and about the release date, if the odds are good then, sometimes in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2022.

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