Inline Chat Translation Feature Finally Coming To Microsoft Teams For Both iOS And Android

Microsoft celebrated Teams’ first anniversary in March, highlighting some of the innovations coming in 2018, such as “Inline message translation—People speaking different languages will be able to engage seamlessly with one another by translating messages in channels and chat.”

Inline translation, which is part of Microsoft’s Intelligent Communications and Collaboration program, also responds to a Uservoice request.

According to the June Microsoft 365 Roadmap update, “New Feature: Inline Chat message translation for iOS –

[iOS] Teams Mobile On-Demand Chat Translation,” an office 365 administrator can enable inline message translation in Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

So, in this article, we’ll show you how to enable inline message translation in Microsoft Teams using both the Microsoft 365 admin interface and a PowerShell command.

Inline message translation

Inline message translation in Microsoft Teams is defined as “inline chat message translation enables users to convert Teams mobile chat messages into the language of their choice,” according to Microsoft.

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This feature will be available first on iOS; we will send a second communication once the Android timeline is finalized.”

Microsoft announced intentions to introduce inline translation to Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android to their roadmap in May 2020.

We didn’t anticipate deliveries to last until 2021 at the time. Still, we’re delighted to announce that Microsoft is getting ready to roll out the function to mobile users, which is now accessible on the desktop.

The functionality, enabled by Microsoft’s Translation Services, allows users to translate channel posts from another language into their preferred language.

Improved search relevance is one of the most recent upgrades to Microsoft Teams’ collaboration and chat features.

Based on passive and active signals, including who you interact with the most, the new relevance model allows Teams to learn the crucial components of communications that matter to you.

In Microsoft Teams, how to enable inline message translation?

Microsoft teams can use the messaging policy to enable inline message translation.

There are two ways to allow inline message translation in Microsoft Teams (messaging policy):

Using the PowerShell command, enable inline message translation.

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center, enable inline message translation.

 Translate a message in Teams

On your desktop PC, select More options > Translate at the top of the message if you receive a message in a different language. It displays a translation of the message into the language you’ve designated for Teams.

To translate a message, press and hold it, then tap Translate. To see the original language of a decoded message, press and hold the message and then touch See original (language).

To choose the language you want your communications to translate, go to Settings > Translation and select the language you wish.

The feature will be available on the Teams iOS and Android app, starting with the newest store versions in early June, with a complete release by mid-July.

The addition of Microsoft Translator to Teams highlights how Teams use a variety of microservices from throughout Microsoft’s cloud portfolio to enhance product capabilities.

It’s a great example of how quickly things can move in the cloud, and it should help us all improve our language skills.


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