Ikoku Nikki Chapter 52 READ MANGA And Release Date

Fans of the hit manga series “Ikoku Nikki” have something to look forward to! The long-awaited Chapter 52 is finally set to be released. This exciting new installment is sure to bring the captivating story of its main characters to new heights, providing readers with plenty of twists, turns, and emotional moments. With its unique blend of drama, action, and romance, “Ikoku Nikki” has become one of the most talked-about manga series in recent years

Release date and time

It’s not possible to predict the exact release date of Chapter 52 of “Ikoku Nikki” by Yamashita Tomoko, as the manga has had inconsistent updates since 2017. However, based on its pattern of being updated approximately once a month, it’s estimated that the next chapter may be released on either March 8th or 9th, 2023. Fans are excited to see Makio take a step, no matter how small, towards cherishing Asa and shaping their future together.


Asa Takumi has lost both of her parents and has no one to turn to except for her distant aunt, Makio. Despite her hatred towards Asa’s mother, Makio is aware that the young girl deserves a better life than the cold and harsh world she’s in. Despite her lack of skills in household chores, Makio is a well-spoken person due to her profession. The impact of Asa’s parents’ death on both characters is explored before delving into the story of their interactions and relationship. Living with a grieving teenager, a quiet woman in her mid-thirties must care for her in her own way. Although they have different personalities, life has a way of bringing them together and helping them to heal from their loss. The story portrays the daily lives of the two women and their journey as they deal with their grief and grow closer to each other.

Recap of the last chapter

Asa and Makio go through their daily lives, with Asa asking Makio to return a book to Kasamachi-kun when she goes on a date with him. However, Makio clarifies that Kasamachi is just a friend. Over dinner with Kasamachi, Makio reflects on how time has flown by since Asa entered her life, and how she calculates events based on Asa’s arrival. She mentions feeling anxious about being tied down, as she was a lone woman with no family, but now she has a niece to take care of.

Kasamachi points out that Makio was already involved in Asa’s life the moment she took her in and that they are closer than they think. Makio is scared of losing her own orbit as she gets closer to Asa, but Kasamachi reminds her that even loving is an act of overcoming fear. They also briefly discuss their own relationship and the idea of being involved with someone from a distance.

On her walk home, Makio ponders her sister’s feelings and whether it would be okay to hold Asa dear, just as her sister once did. Through their interactions and conversations, the story shows the growth of the relationship between Makio and Asa and how they both deal with their grief and emotions in their own unique way.

Where to read the new chapter

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a specific website just for the manga series “Ikoku Nikki,”, you can read it from MangaRock and MangaFox. It is also available on Book Walker, a popular e-book platform that offers a variety of manga and light novels.


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