How Teddy Ebersol’s Death Shook the World of Sports and Entertainment

A Tragic Accident

On November 28, 2004, a private jet carrying NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol, his two sons Charlie and Teddy, and two crew members crashed during takeoff in Montrose, Colorado. The plane skidded on the runway, flipped over, and burst into flames. Teddy Ebersol, 14, was killed instantly, along with the pilot and the flight attendant. Dick and Charlie Ebersol survived with serious injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. According to People, Dick Ebersol had just dropped off his wife, actress Susan Saint James, in Colorado after spending Thanksgiving with their family in Los Angeles.

A Beloved Son and Brother

Teddy Ebersol was the youngest of five children of Dick Ebersol and Susan Saint James. He was a freshman at The Gunnery, a boarding school in Connecticut, where he played soccer and lacrosse. He was also passionate about music and comedy, and loved to make people laugh. According to The News-Times, Teddy had picked out gifts for his family before his death, which they opened on Christmas. His father received an “Ash-Hole” ashtray for his cigar habit, his brother Charlie got a “Tickets to the Gun Show” T-shirt with arrows pointing at the biceps, and his brother Willie got a shirt that read “Good for the Ladies”.

A Tribute to His Memory

Teddy Ebersol’s death was mourned by many people in the sports and entertainment industry, as well as by his friends and classmates. His father dedicated his memoir, From Saturday Night to Sunday Night, to his son, and wrote about their bond and the grief he felt after losing him. His aunt, actress Christa Miller, who played Jordan Sullivan on Scrubs, paid tribute to him in an episode of the show that aired in 2005. The episode was titled “My Lucky Charm” and featured a character named Billy Callahan who claimed to be Irish but was actually from New Jersey. This was a reference to Teddy’s love of Irish culture and his habit of faking an Irish accent. According to IMDb, the episode ended with a dedication that read “In Loving Memory of Teddy Ebersol”.

A Legacy of Love and Laughter

Teddy Ebersol’s life was cut short by a tragic accident, but his spirit lives on in the hearts of his family and friends. He was a bright, funny, and kind young man who brought joy to everyone he met. He was also a talented musician and comedian who had a promising future ahead of him. His father once said that he still has conversations with him every day, and that he hopes to see him again someday. Teddy Ebersol’s cause of death was a plane crash, but his legacy is one of love and laughter.

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