How Linda Pugach Died: The Tragic Story of a Woman Blinded by Love

Linda Pugach was a woman who became famous for her unusual and twisted love story. She was blinded in 1959 by a hired attacker who threw lye in her face, leaving her scarred and partially sighted. The man behind the attack was her former lover, Burton Pugach, a married lawyer who was obsessed with her. But instead of hating him, Linda eventually married him in 1974, after he was released from prison. Their marriage lasted until her death in 2013, at the age of 75. What was the cause of her death, and what made her forgive and love the man who ruined her life?

The Cause of Death: Heart Failure

According to CBS News, Linda Pugach died on January 22, 2013, at the Long Island Jewish Hospital in Queens. The cause of her death was heart failure, said her husband, Burton Pugach. He also said that she had suffered from childhood rheumatic fever that damaged her heart. She had been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers for a couple of months before she passed away.

Linda Pugach had been hiding behind dark glasses for the rest of her life, after the lye attack that blinded her in one eye and severely damaged the other. She also underwent several surgeries to restore some of her vision and appearance. In 1990, she had a heart surgery that left her completely blind. Despite her physical and emotional challenges, she remained loyal to her husband, who claimed to love her deeply.

The Love Story: A Tale of Obsession and Forgiveness

Linda Pugach’s love story with Burton Pugach began in 1957, when she was 21 years old and he was 32. He was a successful lawyer who owned a nightclub and a plane. He wooed her with lavish gifts and trips, but he did not tell her that he was married. When she found out, she broke up with him and got engaged to another man. This enraged Burton, who threatened to kill or hurt her if she did not come back to him.

In 1959, he hired three men to throw lye in her face as she left her apartment in the Bronx. The attack left her blind in one eye and with limited vision in the other. She also suffered severe burns and scars on her face and body. Burton was arrested and convicted of the crime. He was sentenced to 14 to 30 years in prison.

While he was in prison, he wrote hundreds of letters to Linda, begging for her forgiveness and professing his love. He also divorced his first wife and proposed to Linda on live television. Linda, who had been lonely and depressed after the attack, eventually accepted his apology and his proposal. She said that he was the only man who wanted her despite her disfigurement. They got married in 1974, after he was released on parole.

Their marriage attracted a lot of media attention and public curiosity. They were featured in several magazines and television shows. They also became the subject of a documentary film called “Crazy Love” in 2007. The film revealed the details of their relationship, including their arguments, affairs, and lawsuits.

Linda Pugach defended her husband even when he was accused of threatening another woman who had an affair with him in 1997. She testified that he was not a criminal, but an adulterer who cheated on her because she could not have sex with him after her heart surgery. She said that he was a “naughty little boy” who was caught. She also said that he was a good man who took care of her and made her happy.

Burton Pugach said that he loved his wife more than anything and that he regretted what he did to her. He said that they had a “fairy tale romance” that lasted until the end. He also denied any involvement in the lye attack and said that Linda never believed that he did it.

The Conclusion: A Bizarre but True Story

Linda Pugach’s cause of death was heart failure, but some might say that she died of a broken heart. She was a woman who suffered a lot in her life, but also found love in an unlikely place. She married the man who blinded her, forgave him for his sins, and stayed with him until death parted them.

Her story is one of the most bizarre and fascinating stories in New York City’s history. It is a story that raises many questions about love, obsession, forgiveness, and happiness. It is a story that proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

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