How is Nia Jax related to Roman Reigns? A look into the Samoan wrestling dynasty

Nia Jax and Roman Reigns are two of the most dominant and successful wrestlers in WWE history. They have both held multiple championships and have been involved in some of the most memorable feuds and matches in the company. But are they related by blood? And how do they fit into the legendary Samoan wrestling family that has produced many other stars? In this article, we will explore the family ties between Nia Jax and Roman Reigns, as well as their ancestry and legacy.

The Anoa’i family tree

The Anoa’i family is one of the most influential and respected wrestling dynasties in the world. The family traces its roots back to Samoa, a Polynesian island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The family has a long history of wrestling, dating back to the 1950s, when Amituanai Anoa’i, also known as Reverend Anoa’i, started his career as a professional wrestler. He had six sons, who all followed in his footsteps and became wrestlers themselves. They are:

  • Afa Anoa’i, also known as Afa the Wild Samoan, who formed a tag team with his brother Sika called The Wild Samoans. They won several tag team titles in various promotions, including WWE, where they were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007.
  • Sika Anoa’i, also known as Sika the Wild Samoan, who was the other half of The Wild Samoans. He is also the father of Roman Reigns, making him Nia Jax’s uncle by marriage.
  • Afa Anoa’i Jr., also known as Lloyd Anoa’i or LA Smooth, who is a wrestler and promoter. He is the father of Samu and Manu, who are both wrestlers as well.
  • Samula Anoa’i, also known as Samu or Headshrinker Samu, who was part of The Headshrinkers, another tag team with his cousin Fatu (later known as Rikishi). He is also the father of Lance Anoa’i, who is a wrestler and actor.
  • Solofa Fatu Jr., also known as Rikishi or Fatu, who was a singles and tag team wrestler. He is best known for his stink face move and his dance moves. He is also the father of Jimmy and Jey Uso, who are one of the most successful tag teams in WWE history.
  • Rodney Anoa’i, also known as Yokozuna or Yoko, who was a singles wrestler and a two-time WWE Champion. He was one of the heaviest wrestlers ever, weighing over 600 pounds at one point. He passed away in 2000 due to heart failure.

The Maivia family tree

The Maivia family is another branch of the Samoan wrestling family that is connected to the Anoa’i family by blood brotherhood. The patriarch of this family is Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia, also known as Peter Maivia or High Chief Peter Maivia. He was a wrestler and promoter who started his career in New Zealand and later moved to Hawaii. He was known for his tribal tattoos and his hard-hitting style. He was also the grandfather of Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, who is one of the biggest stars in wrestling and Hollywood history. He passed away in 1982 due to cancer.

Peter Maivia had two children: Lia Maivia and Toa Maivia. Lia Maivia was a wrestling promoter who took over her husband’s promotion after his death. She was also the mother of Ata Johnson, who is The Rock’s mother. Toa Maivia was a wrestler who died in a car accident in 1985.

Nia Jax was born as Savelina Fanene on May 29, 1984 in Sydney, Australia. She is the daughter of Joseph Fanene and Renate Fanene. Joseph Fanene is an actor who has appeared in various TV shows and movies. Renate Fanene is a former nurse who raised Nia and her two siblings in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nia Jax is related to Roman Reigns through her father’s side of the family. Joseph Fanene is the first cousin of Peter Maivia, making him The Rock’s second cousin. Nia Jax is therefore The Rock’s third cousin. Roman Reigns is the son of Sika Anoa’i, who is Peter Maivia’s blood brother. This makes Roman Reigns Nia Jax’s uncle by blood brotherhood.

Nia Jax and Roman Reigns are not related by blood, but by a bond that transcends biology. They are both part of the Samoan wrestling family that has produced many legends and champions in the industry. They are both proud of their heritage and their legacy.


Nia Jax and Roman Reigns are two of the most prominent members of the Samoan wrestling family. They have both achieved great success and fame in WWE and beyond. They are not related by blood, but by a bond that was forged by their ancestors. They are both part of a dynasty that has shaped the history of wrestling and entertainment. According to Sportskeeda, they are both family.

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