How Is Mikasa Related To Levi? The Truth Behind The Ackerman Clan

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, you might have wondered about the relationship between two of the most powerful and skilled fighters in the series: Mikasa and Levi. They both share the same surname, Ackerman, but what does that mean? Are they siblings, cousins, or something else? In this article, we will explore the truth behind the Ackerman clan and how Mikasa and Levi are related.

The Origin Of The Ackerman Clan

According to CBR, the Ackerman clan is a group of people who were once loyal to the royal family of Eldia, the nation that ruled over the world with the power of the Titans. However, when King Fritz decided to retreat to Paradis Island and erase the memories of his subjects, the Ackermans refused to comply and rebelled against him. As a result, they were persecuted and hunted down by the king’s forces.

The Ackermans have a special ability that allows them to awaken their latent power and gain enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and combat skills. This ability is triggered by a moment of extreme stress or danger, or by a strong bond with someone they want to protect. The Ackermans also retain their memories and are immune to the memory manipulation of the Founding Titan.

The Connection Between Mikasa And Levi

Mikasa and Levi are both descendants of the Ackerman clan, but they are not directly related. They have different parents and grew up in different environments. Mikasa is the daughter of an Asian mother and an Ackerman father, while Levi is the son of a prostitute named Kuchel Ackerman. Mikasa’s parents were killed by human traffickers when she was a child, and she was rescued and adopted by Eren Yeager’s family. Levi was raised by his uncle Kenny Ackerman, a notorious serial killer, until he left him to join the underground city.

The exact nature of the relationship between Mikasa and Levi is not known. They do share a last name, which suggests that they are related, but the exact type of relation has never been revealed. Based on what is known from the manga, it is assumed that the two of them are distant cousins. They also share remarkably similar personalities. They are both exceptionally loyal, apathetic, and reserved, only speaking when necessary. Levi shows the same loyalty to Erwin as Mikasa has to Eren. Beyond that, they both potentially share an uncle, Kenny Ackerman, also known as Kenny The Ripper.

The Relationship Between Mikasa And Levi

Mikasa and Levi have a complicated relationship that evolves over time. At first, Mikasa despised Levi for beating up Eren during his military trial. She also blamed him for Eren’s capture by the Female Titan and disobeyed his orders during their rescue mission. However, Levi saved Mikasa’s life twice during that mission and cared for her well-being. He also understood her emotions and did not hold a grudge against her.

Later on, Mikasa and Levi developed a mutual respect and trust for each other. They recognized each other’s skills and abilities as fellow Ackermans and worked together as comrades in arms. They also learned more about their shared history and heritage from Kenny’s deathbed confession. They even showed some signs of affection and concern for each other, such as when Levi comforted Mikasa after Sasha’s death or when Mikasa defended Levi from Zeke’s attack.

However, their relationship also faced some challenges and conflicts. They disagreed on how to deal with Eren’s actions and motives after he betrayed the Survey Corps and allied with Zeke. Mikasa still wanted to believe in Eren and save him from his enemies, while Levi wanted to kill him for his crimes and betrayals. They also had different opinions on how to use their Ackerman power and what it meant for them. Mikasa wanted to be free from her bond with Eren and choose her own path, while Levi accepted his role as a weapon and followed his duty.


Mikasa and Levi are two of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan. They are both members of the Ackerman clan, a group of people who possess extraordinary abilities and resist the memory manipulation of the Founding Titan. They are not siblings or direct relatives, but distant cousins who share a common ancestor. They have a complex relationship that goes from hatred to respect to conflict. They are both loyal, strong, and skilled fighters who have played a crucial role in the story of Attack on Titan.

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