How is Emma Roberts Related to Julia Roberts? The Truth About Their Family Bond

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts are two of the most successful and popular actresses in Hollywood. But did you know that they are also related? Emma is the niece of Julia, who is her aunt through her father Eric Roberts. Both actresses have had a close relationship since Emma’s younger years, despite some family drama involving Eric. Here’s everything you need to know about how Emma Roberts is related to Julia Roberts and what their bond is like.

Emma Roberts Grew Up on Julia Roberts’ Movie Sets

Emma Roberts was born in 1991 to Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. Eric is the older brother of Julia Roberts, who was already a superstar by then. Emma was exposed to the world of acting at a young age, as she often visited her aunt’s movie sets and watched her perform. According to The Things, Emma said in a previous interview:

> I’d run and hide in her makeup trailer and hear, ‘Where’s Emma? It’s time for bed! She has to go home!’ I remember it feeling like summer camp, just the feeling of creativity.

Emma was inspired by her aunt to pursue acting herself, and made her debut at age 9 in the film Blow. She went on to star in films like Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, Wild Child, Scream 4, We’re the Millers and more. She also became a regular on TV shows like Unfabulous, American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

Julia Roberts Supported Emma Roberts’ Mother in a Custody Battle

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts have always been close, even when their family faced some challenges. Eric Roberts had a strained relationship with both actresses in the past, due to his drug and alcohol addiction and his abusive behavior towards Kelly Cunningham. According to E! News, Eric and Kelly divorced when Emma was a baby, and they fought for custody over her. Julia sided with Kelly and even funded her legal battle against her brother.

Despite this, Julia and Eric eventually reconciled and repaired their relationship. Eric also reconnected with Emma and became a supportive father to her. According to Vanity Fair, Eric said in 2018:

> I love my daughter so much. I’m so proud of her.

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts Share a Similar Smile and Style

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts are not only related by blood, but also by their looks and their tastes. The two actresses share a striking resemblance, especially when they smile. According to People, Emma said on Busy Tonight in 2019:

> We have too many teeth when we smile. When I’m talking to someone it’s like whatever, and then I smile and it’s like, ‘Oh my god, you look just like your aunt!’

Emma and Julia also have similar styles when it comes to fashion and beauty. They both love wearing black dresses, red lipstick and wavy hair. They also have a penchant for vintage clothing and accessories.

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts Are Regularly in Touch and Have Fun Together

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts have maintained their close relationship over the years, even as their careers have taken off. The two actresses are often seen exchanging sweet messages on Instagram, celebrating each other’s birthdays, pregnancies and achievements. According to Hello Magazine, Julia commented “Love you” on Emma’s pregnancy announcement in 2020, while Emma wished her aunt a happy birthday in 2019 with the caption “I love you beyond words”.

Emma and Julia also enjoy spending time together whenever they can. According to Us Magazine, they like playing cards and Mahjong together. They also support each other’s projects and attend each other’s premieres.

Emma Roberts once said that Julia Roberts is “the coolest person in the world” (via The Things). It seems that the feeling is mutual between these two talented women who share a family bond that goes beyond Hollywood fame..

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