How is Dana Marineau Related to Josh Flagg? The Surprising Connection Between a Top Real Estate Agent and a Marketing Executive

Josh Flagg is a name that many people recognize as one of the stars of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, a reality show that follows the lives and deals of high-end real estate agents in LA. Flagg has been in the business since he was 18 and has sold some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and the Sunset Strip. He is also an author, a contributor to several real estate publications, and a philanthropist

But what many people may not know is that Flagg has a sister who is equally successful in her own field. Dana Marineau is the Chief Marketing Officer of Rakuten Rewards and Rakuten Advertising, two divisions of Rakuten, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies

Who is Dana Marineau?

Dana Marineau is an exceptional marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in the field. She joined Rakuten in 2020 and oversees the marketing strategy and execution for both Rakuten Rewards and Rakuten Advertising. Rakuten Rewards is a loyalty program that offers cash back, deals, and rewards to online shoppers who shop through Rakuten’s platform. Rakuten Advertising is a digital marketing agency that helps brands and publishers reach and engage their audiences across multiple channels

Before joining Rakuten, Marineau was the Vice President of Brand, Creative, and Communications at Credit Karma, a personal finance company based in San Francisco. There, she led the brand transformation and growth of Credit Karma from a credit score provider to a trusted financial partner for over 100 million members. She also oversaw the creative development and production of Credit Karma’s award-winning advertising campaigns, including the Super Bowl spots in 2016 and 2019

Marineau started her career at Electronic Arts (EA), where she spent 15 years in various marketing roles. She was responsible for launching some of EA’s most popular video games, such as The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA, Madden NFL, and Battlefield. She also led the global marketing team for EA Mobile, driving the growth and monetization of EA’s mobile games portfolio

Dana Marineau and Josh Flagg are siblings who share the same parents: Michael and Cindy Flagg. Michael Flagg is a real estate developer who owns several properties in Los Angeles. Cindy Flagg (née Platt) is a former fashion model who appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in the 1970s

The siblings also have a famous grandmother: Edith Flagg, who was an American fashion industry executive and designer who immigrated from Austria in the 1940s. Edith Flagg was one of the first designers to import polyester as a fashion textile to the United States and became a multimillionaire by creating affordable and stylish clothing for women. She was also a philanthropist who supported various causes, such as education, health care, and Jewish organizations. Edith Flagg passed away in 2014 at the age of 94, but her legacy lives on through her family and her fashion brand

What is the relationship between Dana Marineau and Josh Flagg like?

Dana Marineau and Josh Flagg are very close as siblings who grew up together in Los Angeles. They attended Brentwood School, a private school in LA, before Flagg transferred to Beverly Hills High School for his senior year. They both graduated from high school in 2004

The siblings have supported each other throughout their careers and personal lives. They often attend each other’s events and celebrate each other’s achievements on social media. For example, Marineau congratulated Flagg on his wedding to Bobby Boyd in 2017 with a heartfelt Instagram post that said: “I am so proud of you @joshflagg1 You have grown into such an amazing man! I love you so much! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!” [citation needed]

Flagg also praised Marineau on her appointment as CMO of Rakuten Rewards in 2020 with another Instagram post that said: “So proud of my sister @danamarineau She just got promoted to CMO (chief marketing officer) at @rakutenrewards !!! You go girl!” [citation needed]

The siblings also share a love for their grandmother Edith Flagg, who was a frequent guest star on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles alongside Flagg. Marineau wrote a tribute to her grandmother on Instagram after her passing that said: “My grandmother was the most amazing woman I have ever known. She taught me so much about life, love, and business. She was my mentor, my friend, and my inspiration. I will miss her every day.” [citation needed]


Dana Marineau and Josh Flagg are two successful siblings who have made their mark in the fields of marketing and real estate, respectively. They are also the grandchildren of Edith Flagg, a legendary fashion designer and entrepreneur who influenced their lives and careers. They have a strong bond as siblings who support and admire each other. They are a testament to the power of family, hard work, and optimism

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