How Daisy Osborn, a Pioneer of Global Evangelism, Died at 70

Daisy Osborn was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. She was the wife and partner of T.L. Osborn, a famous Pentecostal televangelist, singer, author and teacher. Together, they founded Osborn Ministries International, a Christian missionary organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They traveled to over 70 nations and conducted mass evangelism crusades that reached millions of people with the message of God’s love and healing power. Daisy Osborn was also a prolific writer, radio minister, conference speaker and successful businesswoman. She was a champion of women’s rights and equality in Christ, and inspired many people to discover their gifts and purpose in God. She was widely respected and admired by Christians and non-Christians alike for her faith, compassion and integrity. But how did this remarkable woman die? What was the cause of her death? And what legacy did she leave behind?

The Tragic Loss of Daisy Osborn

Daisy Osborn died on May 27, 1995, at the age of 70, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to Osborn Ministries International, the official cause of her death was a heart attack However, some sources suggest that she had been suffering from cancer for some time before her death She had been hospitalized for several weeks prior to her passing, and her husband and children were by her side when she breathed her last

Her death was a shock and a sorrow to many people who knew and loved her. Her husband, T.L. Osborn, who had been married to her for 53 years, was devastated by her loss. He said that she was his best friend, his soulmate, and his partner in ministry. He said that he felt like he had lost half of himself, and that he would never be the same without her. He said that he missed her every day, and that he looked forward to seeing her again in heaven

Her children, Tommy Lee Osborn Jr. and LaDonna Carol Osborn, who were also involved in the ministry, were deeply grieved by their mother’s death. They said that she was a wonderful mother, a wise mentor, and a loving grandmother. They said that she taught them how to live by faith, how to love God and people, and how to serve the world with compassion. They said that they were proud of her achievements, and that they would continue her legacy of global evangelism

Her friends, colleagues, and admirers also mourned her death. They said that she was a woman of grace, courage, and excellence. They said that she was a pioneer of modern missions, a leader of women’s empowerment, and a role model of Christian character. They said that she touched countless lives with her words and deeds, and that she left a lasting impact on the world. They said that they were honored to have known her, and that they would cherish her memory

The Lasting Legacy of Daisy Osborn

Daisy Osborn may have died, but her legacy lives on. Her ministry, Osborn Ministries International, continues to operate under the leadership of her husband and children. The ministry has expanded its outreach to include television, internet, literature, humanitarian aid, and leadership training. The ministry has also established the Osborn Foundation, a charitable organization that supports various causes such as education, health, and social justice. The ministry has also built the Osborn Memorial Bible School, a training center for pastors and missionaries in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The ministry has also preserved the Osborn Museum, a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the Osborns’ travels and crusades

Daisy Osborn’s books, which include Woman Without Limits, Soulwinning Out Where the Sinners Are, and New Lifestyle for Women, are still in print and in demand worldwide. Her books have been translated into many languages and have influenced generations of readers. Her books have also been used as textbooks in Bible schools and seminaries. Her books have also been adapted into audio and video formats for wider distribution

Daisy Osborn’s message, which was based on the biblical truth that God loves everyone and wants them to be saved, healed, and fulfilled, is still relevant and powerful today. Her message has inspired many people to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord, to receive His healing and deliverance, and to discover His plan and purpose for their lives. Her message has also challenged many people to share the gospel with others, to serve the needy and the oppressed, and to make a difference in the world. Her message has also encouraged many women to realize their potential and equality in Christ, to pursue their dreams and goals, and to lead and influence others for God’s glory

Daisy Osborn was a woman who lived and died for Christ. She was a woman who loved God and people. She was a woman who changed the world. She was a woman who left a legacy of faith, hope, and love. She was a woman without limits.

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